Jul 22, 2012

DoodleBug, DoodleBug.

We all love to gather at Mama's at any given time.  The family is so large and it is a little hard to get everyone together at the same time, but whenever we can we go and enjoy each other very much.

She has something special in her hand
Guess what it is?

There it is but what is it?

She and her brother have been hard at work tying to find some.

"Doodle bug, doodlebug, your house is on fire"

Working hard.

A boy on a mission see those two holes to the right?

"I need more doodlebugs!"

" Can I see?"

"One for you and one for me."

We know them as DoodleBugs

They are
click pic or name for info:

Learn about the Antlion photo book


Another Good Read is:
Which has cute sayings from around the world.

More information from the University of Florida

In closing let me say until today I never knew what the true name was or what they were. To me they will always be doodlebugs.
Something my grandparents would take us out to the shed with the dirt floor to show us.  Where we first pulled a straw from the broom and ever so carefully circled that straw in the holes to call up the doodlebugs. It was not easy to get them to the top but when we did, I would even hold one. Our saying was:

 "Doodlebug, doodlebug come get your bread and butter." 

We said it over and over again. I am sure the grandparents were grateful to the doodlebugs for keeping all of us busy for a little while at least....hmmmm...maybe that is why they took us out the the shed and barn....Yep!

Hope you enjoyed this story now go find some doodlebugs!



  1. One of my teachers used to call the kid in front of me doodlebug. I always thought it was because he was constantly doodling on his papers. lol...Maybe there are TWO kinds of doodlebugs? xo Diana

    1. I have laughed that is such a cute story, and I think you are right! I seem to remember those doodlebugs in my school also... Have a great day!

  2. I've never heard of doodlebugs. Cute photos of the kids.

  3. Another learning lesson for me. Thank you. And these two little ones are adorable!

    Thank you for sharing at YSB this week. xo.

  4. i show noah these and tell how would play with them to pass time , he does it now under the sheds are best places too !!!

  5. Doodlebugs are new to me. What fun photos though. Loved them! xo

  6. and to think I thought "Doodlebug" was the nickname I gave my niece!
    great shots!