Sep 21, 2011

We Did It!

Catie has decided that she needs a dog.  Her choice is going to be a dachshund. We have a few little dilemmas. I own Chewy you know the Great Pyrenees and all dogs must be kept outside, because of allergies.  Well anyway here are some pictures of the little fellow.

I know which one she chose because she is so much like her mother.  She chose the smallest runt of course.  The one with the big sad eyes.

She doesn't have this pup just yet.  We had to come up with a solution to keep this cute little guy. She and I got our heads together and remembered that I had some old picket fence posts and sections.  We got out the old hand saw and hole diggers and away we went. Catie had never used a hand saw before. She did very well cutting those 4 x 4's. I was impressed. I dug holes and together we used the battery powered drill/screw driver. That was the fun part. I need to paint that old tin storage shed for sure, sorry about the rust in picture.

This house is so cute It was totally yellow and Catie decided to paint it these cleaner colors.
It turned out so pretty! We were proud of ourselves. The sections will have to be changed out because these are old but until they do that little puppy will enjoy his new home.

It was almost dark when we finished.  We did it!!!!
The New Pup
More pictures here


  1. Dacchies are great - we have a tan mini long hair and of course we adore him! Enjoy your beautiful pup (the pictures make me want another one!)

  2. Aw, what a cutie, sad eyes and all!

    You guys did a great job!! I'm pretty proud of you for tackling that project, hehe. And it turned out adorable!!

    Have a blessed week~

  3. Thanks Angie, you are so sweet!
    I pray you have a blessed week also...

  4. What a beautiful house with fence!!! I love it! I am sure the pup would too.

  5. What a great job you guys did! The puppy is adorable! :)

  6. Thanks Candy! I love your Ranch Blog....

  7. That puppy IS adorable. What a dog house. It looks like it belongs on the beach. That's an awesome little front deck. What a pampered pooch.