Apr 8, 2022

Feed and Seed Talk

Do you garden? There is nothing like planting seeds watching them grow and reaping the harvests. As I age it seems my gardening is changing. What our forefathers thought about constantly for survival we as generations since have taken for granted. We are truly blessed I know but we've lost that edge for doing things ourselves. Our food has been produced for us.  We no longer have to do it for ourselves, or should we? Talking about seeds, growing, and becoming more self-sufficient today.

When I think about buying seeds my first thoughts go back to a much simpler time. A time filled with sights smells and memories, My first trips to the local feed and seed store were with my grandparents.

We lived in the country and spent a lot of time with the grandparents on their farm.  I didn't realize it at the time but they along with mama are the reason for my love of gardening and growing things. 

Our little town was close and had everything you could possibly want at the time. Grandma Cora would take me by the hand as we walked first into the Feed & Seed with Grandaddy. 

Photo by Krista Bateman on Unsplash

My attention was drawn to lots of cheeping coming from a huge wooden wired cage filled with an assortment of little chicks.  I could stand for the longest time there watching them hop around while she and grandaddy would look at the seeds.

Photo by Zoe Schaeffer on Unsplash

Photo by Adrian Gomez on Unsplash

Many burlap bags lined the walls filled with all types of seeds for planting.  Some stinky fertilizers were also in the place along with cooking pots, and everything a woman could imagine using as well.  That place was filled with things.
Grandma would soon whisk me out of there because we had to go to the grocery store. That in itself is a post one day I'll cover in family traditions and memories.

I'll never forget how many seeds you could buy for the money!  I mean our bags were filled with pounds and pounds of seeds!


Have you noticed the price of seeds in the last couple of years?  I'll tell you what I call them gold!  Who knew this semi-frugal lady wasted or used things carelessly?  Well, until the whopping cost and limited supply of vegetable and flower seeds I have to admit I was!

When planting the gardens of the past I could hear grandpa saying, "Put 2 no maybe 3 seeds into each hole to make sure you have a good stand."  

I now know that I'm learning to be downright stingy with my seed planting.  When you pay so much money for so few seeds it tends to make you think that way.  I've never in my lifetime seen seeds go up so much in cost and packets go to as few as 5 in a packet! Whew! That would make my grandpa spit out his chewing tobacco!

There are ways to find what you need in any case.  Seeds, plants, and seedlings that you can purchase or grow yourself!  I'm leaning toward the latter growing more for our family myself. In fact, that is what I'm currently doing.  Also, don't forget to save some seeds from the things you grow when possible!

Look at one of my first ever plant yourself under the MiracleGro Aerogarden seed starter!  I'm so happy and proud.  Frankly, I'm amazed that I've been so lazy as not to have ever done it before!

They're Heirlooms and I have Celebrity which was a favorite of my mama's for many years in the grower now!  I can't wait to share some with my sister and put the rest out into the garden.

Don't you just love when visiting the feed and seeds the other things like cool hats muck boots and things?  I sure do! They still have those things even in bigger store settings, and I'm grateful. I confess I like the atmosphere and service you find in the local smaller feed & seed stores better. 

Right now I'm just gonna sit here drink a Coke and then get outside to check on the garden!

So Let's Become More Self-Sufficient

Grow More and Do More!

Happy Seed Buying and Planting!

I'll be back soon with a listing of seeds I've ordered and from whom.

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Photo by Zoe Schaeffer on Unsplash

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  1. Our local Feed Store was about a 100 years old, but sadly went out of business a few years ago. I remember the smells, baby chicks (which always seemed to grow into Roosters), and the squeaky wooden floors. I have a lifelong bad back so never gardened. But I went there every Fall to buy $1.00 worth of winter rye seed for my lawn. Clerk measured it carefully onto a scale and taped the bag tight. Then he gave you the weather forecast. Thanks for jogging my memories.

    1. Oh Eileen that is so cool and it is strange how they always did have squeaky wooden floors! I love it you reminded me of that! Sweet memories thanks for sharing!

  2. We both had the same blog subjects today. Great minds think alike. I think we were sisters in another life time. Haha.

    1. You know Lisa I do believe we are! I like those bags and clicked will order them! Can't wait!

  3. Dolly- We are so much alike in so many ways. I used to love to go to the grist mill/seed store with my father. One more thing we have in common. My father's mother was Cora. I never knew her because she died when my father was young.

    Happy growing. I can't wait to get outside and dig around a bit! xo Diana

    1. We are Diana and I love it! Wow you had a grandmother named Cora too! Sorry you didn't get to know her and your father was so young when she died.
      You have fun out there digging around now!
      xoxo Dolly