Sep 30, 2021

This N' That September

How fast time flies!  It always amazes me how quickly the days and months pass. 

I've been busy trying to go through lots of things that take up space in this downsized home.  You know, that's not always easy for a self-proclaimed collector (hoarder).  I, personally keep things forever and rarely break or tear anything up.  That can be good and bad.

I see as I go through things how overly blessed we are.  Over the years since moving here, we've given away to family and friends. Donated thousands and thousands of items to those in need.  I'm seeing that we have more as I clear heading in the same directions.

Today's post is a sampling of what has been happening here at Hibiscus House.

Look at the gorgeous eggs being laid by the hens 
The white from the year older hens
The green and browns from the new hens

Look two double yolkers!
These are from two of the newest hens
One consistently lays a double yolker
The other lays quite a few in a week's time as well!

Thankfully, Catie put up the subway tile backsplash for me.
I was putting off doing it because as much as I climb, I wasn't looking forward to doing this.

It looks great and clean!
The paper towel holder is now underneath the cabinet and is more secure
I had it hung into the wall but that wasn't as secure as this is.
I got it a few years back from simplehuman you can find it here
I have to say I like their things but this one is the 'dickens' to put up because of the design
The holes are almost impossible to put the screws into and hang.
(maybe the designers didn't think that one out enough)
Once you have it in it is a great holder!

This tiny closet was absolutely overflowing with needed things!
I cleaned/cleared it
I will post later what I put back into it
Crazy me forgot the before pictures! 

 This tiny closet is in the dining room
I've taken tons of things out of it
At this moment I'm trying to figure out just what to do with them!

Homemade pizza crusts

Used the ingredients we had on hand in the house
You know those are the times when delicious things are cooked up!


Borrowed this picture from my old cooking blog 
I forgot to take after pictures on this day we were hungry!

(ignore the black spot lol)

One of my David Austin Roses
Carly and I love these

The Lady of Guadalupe roses have really been the stars of the rose gardens this year!

They've bloomed non-stop all summer

I rooted seven little cuttings from the red Knock-Out Roses this spring
They've been thriving

I repotted this one in an old clay pot
It loves the spot!

I am pulling the seeds from the Zinnia's that were saved and dried
Looks like I won't be needing to purchase new seeds for next year!  Which is a great thing!
Have you noticed the price of seeds in the past two years?  That is if you can even find them.

When I think of planting seeds my thoughts go to Grandmother Johnson.  She always said, "Dolly why do you constantly buy plants?  Why not save some of your money and plant from seeds!"

I started these inside in the Miracle-Gro Aerogarden Seed Starter kit and I've so enjoyed them!

Thanks for joining me today
I know it's a long post but only covers a little for the month of activities.
I've decided I'm a workaholic
Maybe, just maybe I may take some relaxing time off soon!

Have a great and safe October!


  1. Your hens are gifted. That pizza looks delicious!
    Fun post.

    1. This bunch truly are I have two that almost constantly lay double yolkers. One every time she lays is a double yolker and strange thing is she lays basically everyday. I guess her laying will be cut shorter than most if they count as two of her eggs. Don't know but we're enjoying them. Thank you too the pizza was pretty good. I never know how it will turn out I'm not the best crust maker but King Arthur makes it better.