Apr 16, 2022

Sweet Peas aka Garden Peas English Peas or Ball-Bearings. What?

Sweet peas Garden peas English peas or even as the husbands and my daddy named them ball-bearings you can't go wrong.  I love these delicious tiny morsels.  Pop them in your mouth raw quickly steamed or cooked into stews soups anything. Add a little butter and what a treat! I like them but it seems if you don't you won't. The topic of today is Peas.

I did soak my seeds before planting which did seem to make them germinate quicker.  Garden peas are cool-season crops  The English peas must be shelled, only the peas are eaten, however, there are some varieties with edible pods.  

The plants can withstand cold and some light frosts but the blossoms can't.  

Sow 1 - 1 1/2 inches deep and 1 to 2 inches apart. More info can be found here for growing in South Carolina.

Clemson Cooperative Extension/ Home & Garden Information Center

Garden Peas

My New Garden Peas were recently transplanted to the garden outside. They are just getting acclimated to the spot.

Lincoln Garden Peas Old Time Pea

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

 67 days

I want to try these next Laxton's Progress #9 Peas .  have a few seeds but ran out of room in the new little garden spot. 

They make in 58-65 days Heirloom peas introduced in 1921 by the Laxton Brothers. Large pods

The seed starter insert for the grower has really come in handy

The variety is called Lincoln. I got the seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. There were started off inside in the AeroGardens. They're beginning to grow in their new location  

The Lincoln variety isn't as quick to bloom out as the Tom Thumb but they're still sending out their little tendrils grabbing hold of the tomato cages I've put them in for support.  It is really great that you can grow these little wonders in pots. I have one in my kitchen window and one on the porch railing outback.

Yes, I know that I haven't a clue if it will work, but I'm a 'make-do' kind of gal.  If something is sitting around doing nothing I will make use of it.

I'm certainly no expert in Sweet peas, Garden peas English peas.  It is fun to at least try to grow a few.  I'm enjoying them!  Every day is an adventure!

Just look at these babies!

Tom Thumb

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Sow early spring 4-6 weeks before last frost date 50-55 Days the best pea variety for container planting or window boxes  6 - 12 hours of sun--Sprouts in 10 - 30 days--ideal temps 45-80--Seed depth 1 inch--Space 4 inches.

The cutest peas are the Tom Thumb from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. I've put them into pots and they are blooming their little heads off!  Look at the peas already on these plants!  

Almanac Peas

Hoss Tools

Surveying the work while napping right in the path of course haha


This one is hard at work (trying to find a strawberry to snitch!

 photo credit

Peas are high in antioxidants and nutrients

Low in calories with only about 62 in one-half cup

High in protein and have 4 times the amount as a one-half cup of cooked carrots

High in fiber

Peas support healthy blood sugar and may prevent chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer 

I can't wait for the first harvest!

Happy Gardening 


  1. My knowledge is limited to Le Sueur English Peas in the can, a family staple. But I sure admire you Gardeners.

    1. Oh Eileen I keep a case of them in the house! Love them! Gardening is hard work but fun at the same time. I can see where mine is getting smaller every year but still keeps me busy! Happy Easter to you and the family!

  2. I used to follow my grandmother around in her garden and she would dole fresh peas out of her apron pocket for me to munch on. Happy growing!!!! xo Diana

    1. Great memories there! Thank you Diana and Happy Easter to you sweet friend. xo Dolly