Nov 27, 2011

Prelude to: Dot's Sour Cream Pound Cake

Dorothy "Miss Dot" to most people 
my Mama well our Mama

She is the Mother to most of the neighborhood
She always has been and continues to be.
She has fed, listened to, put up with so many
rowdy kids in her lifetime.

Only pic I can find these are grown in this one

One of the neighborhood boys she helped raise: This boy put chickens in our house
and frogs in our stove eyes. He did all of this before we ever met him. This person is now a county councilman

Half of my Facebook Friends can remember this: She loaded us up on the back of a pick up truck
took us to the local swimming hole, brought all of us snacks.  She did this every week day in the Summer mind you.

Daddy would unlock the soft drink machine at his auto body shop for anyone to have a drink.  I know he had to go in the hole with that one constantly.

To the friends that are like family not pictured here I apologize you know who you are I just don't have your pics on hand at the moment.

Times at Sally Hill were something else.  You can't beat southern good times.

Wait a minute I am getting carried away. This blog is supposed to be about "Miss Dot's"  famous Pound Cake.  Her Pound Cake has made it to a Nashville TV Talk Show.  It was sold for countless years at The Forest Lake Strawberry Field.  Given away to hundreds and loved by all.

The Recipe
click HERE for the recipe


  1. Hi Dolly - You paint a picture of a warm, happy childhood - how wonderful that you have had this kind of mother to share with the world!!!!

    Took a peek at the recipe - ANOTHER Dolly recipe I must try. You've got to stop posting these terrific recipes, I can't keep up!!!
    Happy New Year

    1. Heather, thank you just doesn't say enough for your sweet sentiments, but as much as I can say it thank you it means so much. You are such a thoughtful beautiful person! Alright cook girl and let me know how it is...Happy New Year Heather to you and the family.

  2. So sorry for your loss. We will have to bake this in tribute to a wonderful lady that obviously was loved by so many. Thank you for sharing the sentiments, pics and recipe!

  3. She sounds so awesome! I love the pictures.

  4. Aunt Dolly, I remember many happy Memories at your Mom and Dad's house. Dot had such a sweet smile and a great laugh. She was also a wonderful cook and alway's had something good to eat when I visited. Miss all of you so much!


  5. So very sweet and so glad you have shared her memory and yours with us. Love you all and hope you are well. I can't wait for the recipe. It looks like a delicious cake. Debbie H.