Jan 1, 2016

How Much Fun Can You Have With A Box?

It is still amazing to see the fun children have with a cardboard box.
I gave them my huge box of Crayola crayons to play with.
They know how "Mimi" is about her big box of crayons.
I heard  "Lil Brainiac," say we have to keep those safe.
They are so adorable.

Hard at work
I heard them say they were making the Batmobile
but I'm not sure because the little one wants a train.

I apologize for our little barking dog in the video.
He was having fun too
but they can't work with him out nipping at their heels
I did want to show these two
and the fun they had that day with a cardboard box!

I'm still not sure what they made a Batmobile or train either way they had loads of fun!

Meanwhile "Mimi" is making some popcorn for them.
(yeah right) for them and me
I love my new popcorn popper!

Happy New Year to All!
May your year be filled with Joy, Kindness, and Thankfulness!
Starting off the new year with a dose of cuteness!

Until next time


  1. Replies
    1. They are so funny and a joy to watch. Happy New Year Ginger Dawn!

  2. Kids and cats, both love boxes! I'll bet that popcorn was delicious too.

    1. I know isn't it fun? I miss my cats I used to have so many but out here haven't had any so much wildlife. I really like the GMO free popcorn with coconut butter it is so good!