Jan 4, 2016

Cleaning Closets Minimizing Mess

Cleared, vacuumed and ready to refill

What do you do when you need to clean out every closet and drawer you own?  You have to start somewhere.  Today I share a linen closet, a re-purpose for grandmother's old wardrobe, filling a chest of drawers with more garments using less space.  Join me won't you.

This closet has been a linen, cleaning products, items not frequently used storage space.  I had to clean and clear this spot to enable accessibility and best use. 

You can see it was filled to the brim.  The first thing to do of course was to empty and go through each item to see if needed.
I put the sheets and pillowcases onto my bed for going through and deciding what to keep.  Some may not be in excellent shape but make for good tents for the kids and good use in the camper.  You can never get enough bed linens for camper use.(Is that the hoarder in me talking?  Probably).

Don't you just love these sheet sets?  I do and the fact that MaryJane uses organic cottons etc.  I found these at a great price.  I love the fact that they come in their own fabric envelope for neat storage.
You probably already know that I'm a member of MaryJane's Farm Sisterhood.  A wonderful group! 

This wardrobe was my grandmother's and I just had to find a place for it because of the sentimental value to me.  Sure it needs to be refinished, but that can be a project for another day.  I was looking for something to place in a bathroom to hold towels, simple medicines like aspirin etc., makeup etc.
This came at a very good time.

It looks a little jumbled but I know where everything is.  I will straighten towels and turn the same way for a better look.  It holds a lot of needed things.  I really enjoy it in here.

Can you see the enormous amount of clothing that is stored in the drawers?  I use this piece for my everyday t-shirts, pants, shorts, socks etc.
I have found that it is so very easy to fold the shirts and pants to enable many more pieces to be stored in smaller spaces.
The added benefit is that by turning them folded side up I can see exactly what the item is without rambling through the drawers and tumbling garments in the process.  You just open choose pull out and close.

click pictures if you need them larger

I don't store my better shirts in this manner but it is excellent for casual shirts.  They don't wrinkle as much as the traditional folding.  Believe me as I spent years working in clothing retail and folding them.  This saves space so that you can store more with less wrinkles too if you smooth well while folding.

My closet is a work in progress.  I did this to my shoes a few years back.  Simple storage nothing luxurious about it but the photo on the shoe box lets me know exactly what shoe is in it for quick access.
I donated quite a few clothing items and a quarter of them still had tags on them.  I did decide on a clean sweep.  If I had not worn something in a couple of years I didn't keep the garments.  It was a major decision for me because I buy traditional garments that can be worn for years and years and years.  I did breathe a sigh of relief for the clear space and will now be more critical when choosing what I will replace the clothing with.

I thought I'd include Martha Stewart Folding a Fitted Sheet

Until next time...


  1. I did the same thing while we couldn't go anywhere during the flood. Our closet is a walk in that is 17 ft long, it borders the stairs. Whoever designed the floor plan was genius! One side has shelving top to bottom for shirts, towels, bedspreads, sweaters, etc. The other has double tiered hangers (with a shelf on top)up to about 3 ft maybe where I can hang long things like pants. Then on the short side we have shelving to the ceiling and underneath two rolly bins with drawers for socks, underwear, etc. I don't have a single dresser in my bedroom, it all fits in here. I do have furniture though, just not chests of drawers like we used to. I love your shirt folding and storage technique! You really can see what you have instead of only the top shirt.

    1. Kathy I would love a closet like yours! It sounds fabulous! I've always regretted the fact that I went to work for an architect after we'd already started downsizing and building this smaller home. He did design my other home that I lived in for for many years. Now that I've built another I see how well that one did serve my needs.(even though I was young and didn't think so at the time. One might think I'm too picky! :). He walked through Hibiscus House and told me so many things I could have done that would have worked and flowed much better, so I work with what we have...guess I can say it makes you more creative because you have to come up with fresh ideas to make things more usable. Thank you Kathy! I do have shelves lined in better tops and sweaters in the closet. When I finish clearing that one I'll share because it is an extremely small closet....I've got my Spring Cleaning cut out for me...