Jan 9, 2016

Ohuhu Garden Path Lights: Product Review

Today I share a review of these path lights from Ohuhu.  I've had them for quite a while but you may know that  South Carolina has been plagued with extremely wet weather.  I had to wait for the lawn to dry out enough to put the lights in.
Join me won't you.

I can't tell you the number of path lights I've gotten over the years.  They never last long enough to open the package really.  They just don't.  We've had the kind that is wired, what a bust!  They usually end up broken or run over by the yard man.  These have already outlasted some I've purchased in the past.  I've even opened brand new packages to find more than one actually broken or not working at all. 

I have to say that this product was packaged very well and has a great sheet of instructions to follow, not that it is hard to put the lights together, because it is easy.

Placement is pretty easy.  Simply push point into ground.
(I apologize for the grass growing everywhere.  It has been to wet to pull, weed).

Night shot of the Path Lights (right side)

Night shot (left side)

Ohuhu Garden Path Lights
Hibiscus House Product Review

  • Quick Shipment
  • Packaged Well
  • Extremely Lightweight - Which might lead one, including myself to think it just might not last. I had them stored in the garden cabin for over 2 months and all kinds of varmints are in that cabin, snakes, big rats, lizards, carpenter bees, who knows what else.  I found them safe so they didn't feel the need to chew or destroy them.
  • Performing well after almost 2 months in the ground.  Quite a feet with my track record with those types of outdoor lighting. I will update as to how long they last.   
  • Weather resistant.  A good thing with the heavy rains we've had here recently.
  • LED lighting
  • They hold a charge for 8 hours after a full charge.
  • These have not failed with nightly checks.
  • 30-Day Guarantee and full 12 month replacement warranty.
  • Would I recommend to a friend?  Yes I would.
I disclose:  Ohuhu gave me these lights for the purpose of doing a product review. My opinions are my own as always I give an honest review.  Thank you to Gabriel of Ohuhu.
You can purchase and read more about these lights at Amazon HERE

I think you may have noticed the blue theme I have going on here.
Green has always been my favorite color but maybe, just maybe blue is making me change my mind.

JUNE 10, 2016

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  1. Sounds like a good product, Dolly. I have not had very good luck with the solar lighting here. It's just crazy. Hope you are having a wonderful New Year! xo Diana

    1. We've had our share of troubles with them here also. These started off better than most and are not expensive at all. I think the warranty makes it all the more better. We're having somewhat of a quiet start to the new year. I hope this new year will be great for you and your family.