Oct 21, 2020

Things That Go Bump In The Night

This photograph was taken in our yard after the last downpour

My kids have always loved this time of the year and so did their daddy. You see we were only one house off the road and not many came. Randy would prepare and get excited each year for those that actually would come up to the house. He had such enjoyment planning his main scary decoration every year.

We hoped to hear the doorbell and at times we did. For those too skittish to ring sometimes we left a basket of candy out on the porch.  It was rare to have little trick or treaters but we never or he never gave up.

One morning after Halloween we woke up to find scattered all across the yard a mask, a pumpkin bucket with candy, and a black piece of fabric. We wanted to know what happened and what was the mystery?

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We had to wait until the next Spring at strawberry time to find out just what happened and who had actually dropped their goodies and jumped out of their costume! 

One of my workers told me and still with fear in her voice that it was she and her kids that had come up into the yard and been scared so badly that they ran dropping everything. Oh how that made me sad and I of course offered new buckets full of candy and a new costume. She said, "No thank you but I'll never get them back up there again!" 

photograph credit

I guess his headless man sitting on the porch had scared the daylights out of them. I told him to soften it up so the little ones wouldn't be scared out of their wits! 

The children were fine no lingering fear but they themselves said, "We love y'all but tell Mr. Randy we ain't coming back up there again!"


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The house in the above picture brings to mind a visit with my Great Aunt Luna in Charleston. After one of the trips to see her and Great Uncle Mac my grandmother told me a ghost story. There were many stories evidently, they had many ghosts in that home.

It goes like this: 
One night Grandma Cora and Great Aunt Luna were sleeping.  Great Uncle Mac was on a ship as he was the cook. He had to work that night. The two ladies were home alone. They had talked a little while then went off to sleep.

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Something loud woke them from a deep sleep. Someone was bamming on the front door and it was loud. She said it was as if they were so angry! 

She and Grandma went quietly to see just who it was and what was going on. 

Aunt Luna asked who it was but got no answer. It was a man. He just stood there bamming on the door. The two of them quickly went back into the bedroom and frankly covered their heads. 

This was a long time ago remember no cell phones and I don't even think there was a phone in the home. 

They shook and shushed each other trying to be quiet hoping he would just go away. Eventually, all was quiet so they went back off to sleep.

Not sure how long afterward but they were awakened again. This time by the sound of someone walking heavily and it was inside the house!  

Oh no, how scared they were! He or it was dragging big chains! The sound of the chains being pulled was so loud!

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The heavy walking and chains dragging across the floors scared the living daylights out of them! They still hid under the covers holding their breath and feeling their heartbeats beating almost out of their chests! 

Closer and closer it came until it stopped at the bedroom doorway! Oh gosh, will it just go away?  

Grandma Cora slowly peeked at the doorway and thought she saw a shadow. She quickly covered her head again! 

It became silent so they both breathed a sigh of relief. Both hoped the long almost sleepless night was coming to an end. It would be daylight soon it just had to be!

All of a sudden the walking and dragging began again until he reached their bedside! Lying there they knew this was the end! It had to be they had nowhere to go! What were they to do? 

He sat down on the bed and fell back onto their legs! He was heavy and the chains were still dragging across the floor as he pulled some of it up on the bed with him. They then heard something crash onto the floor as if he had something in his hand and dropped it!  

Aunt Luna peeked outside of the covers to see if she could see anything and nothing was there! Nothing could be seen. It could only be felt by both of them!

Then it was silent for the longest time. They just lay there frightened and still. 

After a while, he got up and walked away.  They could hear as he went out of the bedroom door down the hall, and then out the front door!

Both ladies breathed sighs of relief!  He was gone and they were alive! Thank God they were alive! They heard it both did but saw nothing!

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Great Uncle Mac returned home after a day of cooking aboard the ship. They soon told him about their adventures during the night. He was not surprised at all! 

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He told them, "Oh that was "So n So" he has been known to visit the crewmates from the ships. He had died.  I think he fell overboard. He was a known drinker so they assumed he had too much to drink one night and fell overboard. Evidently, he had some chains with him because he certainly had them the night he visited Grandma and Aunt Luna.


Did you enjoy the story?
They swear it was true and I believe them
I have more I may tell you someday

photograph credit

I say ghost stories but my ancestors called them haints.
Reason for my painting my front porch ceiling 'haint blue'.
Mind you I didn't paint the back porch ceiling
I may want some of the good ones to come on in.
Good ones you may say
Well good in the fact that they don't scare me
Some bring comfort.

You may say Dolly you see ghosts?
The answer would be yes, yes I do!
I guess it goes down the family tree
I do not understand it and guess I never will
But for some reason some of our family 
See and hear strange things
When fear hits with a visit I pray to the Lord
In whom I do believe
Then all is well!

Now you have a good night ya hear?


  1. Thats funny and cute about the trick or treaters being that scared.
    We only told ghost stories when friends would come over to spend the night. We would huddle under the sheets or homemade forts in the living room and tell stories with only a flashlight.

    1. I know that was fun nights under the tents telling stories! Brings back memories for me we did that too! Yeah I hated those kids got scared but glad when I knew they were actually fine.