Feb 12, 2015

Weekend at Mimi's

I love being a Mimi!  These little boys make it so much fun.  They are active little boys so I have to think hard to find something for them to do.  Especially when the weather is not so good.  Please join me in pictures for our fun weekend....

They arrived full of energy and all smiles.  I thought well let's see how about you boys cleaning Mimi's mirror?  Let the fun begin!  Two boys and a bottle of window cleaner...look out!

This is not what you think...he has gotten too close to the window spray...

Who knew they'd have so much fun cleaning mirrors and pictures?  They did a pretty good job too!
Next  we went outside to play on the swings and throw some football.

Then off to feed the chickens, but wait where is Little Dickens?  She is nowhere to be found. That began the search, a safari of sorts through the woods.  Through briars, limbs, etc..what a trek...no Little Dickens. 

Little Dickens is the black and lavender chicken on the left in this picture.  You may recall Jassie the Lavender Araucana Rooster.  She is the offspring of he and a black Silkie.  She lays the prettiest little blue eggs. We are devastated she is gone.

Little Dickens is quite a feisty little hen.  She will take on any hen and frankly any rooster in the pens.  She is a rebel a loner.  Chuck and Matt were target practicing a little too close to the pen so I suppose Little Dickens decided to take off.

Little Dickens and Pumpkin
Aren't they cute.  I love the coloring on them.  Pumpkin is a little doll of a rooster.

The boys decided that they wanted to go behind the old railroad track on the property to have a little picnic.  They wanted to see if  Little Dickens would come back. We did have a picnic snack of Oreo Cookies and a few chocolate covered raisins. You know we Mimis have to do what we have to for our little broken hearted children.

A few more trips through the woods and property yelling to the top of our lungs.."Little Dickens" a lot!  No Little Dickens. Their mother says they have talked of nothing else...

Next Bath Time
"P" loves his little brother "H"...his baby he calls him.

Aren't they cute?  Boys don't really like soap do they?  I wonder why?  I had girls but these boys are teaching me their ways...

All clean and happy
What next?

Children's movies that's what.....

I'll update you later on "Little Dickens".

Until next time.


  1. Awe how sweet! And what a good job with the mirror... Good times!

    1. They really did and who knew they'd have so much fun doing it? Yes you know these are the good times...I'm coming over to visit you now..