Feb 9, 2015

Rose Gardens: Trimming The White Roses

The photo above shows the mass of old rose branches after the bloom.  I usually trim back after the first huge bloom that they have every Spring here at Hibiscus House.  I failed to do so last year so I have just done a massive trimming.  We will see what happens this year when Spring comes.

 These beauties in full bloom..here

Please come on into the Winter Rose Garden as I share the not so pretty with you...

 Look in the middle of this mangled mess...

It is a very hurtful thing trimming all of these branches full of thorns.  Did I say full of thorns?  Yes, I did and they are!  So much so that I can remember the pain from the year before! Is it worth it?  Yes it is since this is an old fashioned rose that performs every year when some of the others only make a small showing.

I remember the nests that were built in the mass of roses last year...the Mockingbirds love them!
That is why I postponed my earlier trimming...so many little nests and eggs...

Making a little headway...

Now to tackle the top and outer parts
It is such a thick mass until you have to do little sections at the time to get to the bigger branches.

 Roses with severe trim
My fence is in need of replacement but I'll give it another year..

 The good, the bad and the ugly...

There really is beauty in everything if we take the time to look.

Have a great week!
Until next time...


  1. Dolly, wow that looks like such hard work, but I'm excited for you to see your blooms come spring. I can just smell their perfume.....

    1. Hi Marissa, It is a little aggravating but the blooms are worth it. You are so sweet! Good to hear from you!

  2. That is a large undertaking, and reminds me I must do the same. I love all the nest, so sweet. Also the fence is charming as is. Happy spring blooms to you. Best, Kim

    1. Thanks Kim and I wish you happy spring blooms to you too!