Feb 15, 2015

Little Dickens is Back!

She was gone for three days, but she came back.  I'd say that was a miracle and a blessing.

She is a bit too skittish to have her picture taken now so I am sharing some from last year.  I will get a picture of how she looks now when she will let me.
She came back with no feathers on her middle back and a lot pulled from her elsewhere too.  She looked as if she'd been through a very rough time.  We don't know what happened but she looks horrible.

I have placed her in solitary confinement for now. She hasn't eaten for days but is coming around now.  She hasn't laid any eggs yet.

She is hiding under her little house but hopefully she will come out soon.

Today I Share some pictures of her from last year.

Pumpkin and Little Dickens

Pumpkin is such a beautiful rooster.  I love his colors.  He is very nice and mannerly.
Little Dickens in this picture is watching me with her little beady eye.
Although not looking at me directly.

Little Dickens and Fluff

When she flew the coop the little grandsons and I were so very sad.  
I had no idea she would actually come back, but didn't want to lose hope.
I certainly didn't want my little grandsons to either.  They had searched for so long and hard.

Pumpkin, Fluff and Little Dickens

I couldn't keep her in this pen for very long.
Would you like to know how she got her name?  I'll tell you how.    
She will give the biggest rooster in the pen a run for their money.  
That's right she will go up against any chicken, anywhere. 

She has been a loner, a rebel since the day she was born.
She doesn't fit in anywhere and frankly doesn't want too.
  I hate to say it but I think she is mentally unstable.
She has a very sweet quality about her though and that makes us love her.  
 She lays the most beautiful blue eggs.  She is tiny but she is feisty.

She decided to stand still for this picture.  I know her and I think
she was saying to me "Just take it and get it over with!"
If you'll notice in all of the pictures she won't look at me.
No, not her she just won't do it.

She on the left.  Her father Jassie on the right.
She is a mixed breed of chicken.  Perhaps that is the problem.  
Her father is a Lavender Araucana, a full sized rooster
Her mother was killed in an ice storm.  She was a Silkie Hen, a bantam

I'll bet if her mother were here she would say this!

You can see him better in this picture.  It gives you an idea as to the size difference.

Fluff, Pumpkin and Little Dickens behind

Sleepy Casper

He is a great guardian.  He keeps the predators out, does a very good job of it too.
But, he can't keep the chickens in if they decide to fly out.
That is what Little Dickens did when she heard the target practicing.
She wasn't going to stay around for that. 

 Casper awake and smiling

Matt had a new gun.  He and Chuck were out back target practicing. 
They only did it for a short time, but that was enough for Little Dickens.  
She wasn't going to stick around for anymore of that. 

Here she is in all her glory. 

Can you see the fire in her?  She is so full of rage and anger.  
I guess chickens are like people. They each have their own personality.
I don't understand it when others think they have none.  They are full of their own individuality.

Until next time

Little Dickens died in 2015
While she was out in the wild she picked up some sickness that she promptly brought back.
It took out many of the flock I'm sad to say.



  1. I love how she got her name. I am so very happy that she came home. That is unbelievable that she was gone like that and then reappeared. Happy Sunday to you AND your chickens AND your sweet pup. xo Diana

    1. Hey Diana,
      She is a mess. The little grandsons talked of nothing else their mom said. They were very happy that she came home. It's so good to hear from you I went to your blog the other day and I think it's time to go again! xoxo

  2. I'm glad she came back, maybe she'll stay close now, poor thing.