Feb 22, 2015

Orange Marmalade

Do you like Orange Marmalade?  I sure do and always have.  When I was small I remember my daddy getting all sorts of gifts at Christmas from his customers.  The gift packs were my favorite.  You know the ones with summer sausage, cheese, crackers and jams.  If I was lucky one of those jams would be Orange Marmalade.  Daddy liked it too but he would smile and hand it to me.  Memories.

Look at my boy's face!

We went to see Paddington Bear at the movies and thoroughly enjoyed it. That also brought to my mind Orange Marmalade

I called the Ball Brand Home Canning Fresh Preserving to ask if they had a recipe for the marmalade for use in their jam maker.  The representative said no, but they had been asked several times for it.

You know me I didn't let that get me down so off to work I went.  I got the jam maker out and looked through the recipe booklet that came with it.  I noticed that the measurements appeared to be the same in most of the jams I liked.  What was I going to lose by trying?  A few oranges, lots of sugar and lots of time...Oh well join me won't you as I make my own recipe for use with the Ball Brand Automatic Jam & Jelly Maker...

My Orange Marmalade Recipe

  • 2 2/3 Cups Orange Pulp, Zest and any of the juice you may have.
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • 3 Tablespoons Ball RealFruit Classic Pectin 
  • 1/2 teaspoon Butter
  • 3 1/3 Cups of Granulated Sugar 
 What to do:
Take a hand grater/zester like this.  I own a pink one that I use quite a lot by Microplane.
 I might as well review this product while I'm here: LOVE IT!  BIG THUMBS UP!

Microplane Zester/Grater                   left over peeling and membranes              Jam & Jelly maker
                                                                   not used in marmalade
  1. Use a zester/grater to zest each orange.  Do Not go too deep into the white part.
  2. Take a knife cut the top and bottom of the orange away. Making sure to cut all the white away.
  3. Take the knife and run down the sides of the orange cutting all the white off.
  4. Take the knife and cut the orange pulp out of their sections.  Throw away the membranes. **Video Example  here.
  5. Remember to measure exactly 2 & 2/3 cups of orange and zest.
**Now I would put on a large pot that has a lid with rack in the bottom filled 3/4 with water.  This will be your waterbath canner.  Or of course if you have a WaterBath Canner by all means use it.  You will just need enough room to cover your jam jars with 1-2 inches of water.Warm the water and add 4 clean jam/jelly jars to this pot of water.  Wash your lids and set aside**

To the Jam Maker
  • Sprinkle the Pectin evenly over the bottom of the pot fitted with the stirrer.  
  • Add the orange/pulp-zest evenly over the pectin in pot
  • Press the jam button** it will default to 21 minutes
  • Press Enter
  • Wait 4 minutes...the jam maker will have 4 short beeps to let you know it's time to gradually add the sugar.   Cover with the lid.  The jam maker will cook you jam and then beep to let you know it is finished.
  • Press cancel on jam maker and unplug
  • Take a hot pad to remove the middle stirrer in the maker and set aside.
Now fill your clean warm jars, wipe tops with clean wet cloth.  Place lids and screw caps.  Carefully place your hot jam into your boiling water bath.  You will need to have the water boiling with lid on for 10 minutes for good seal.

Carefully remove with jar lifters after the 10 minutes is up and place on a towel on counter away from drafts..  Cover with dry clean kitchen towel.  Do not disturb for at least 24 hours.  Check for seal and then store in pantry for later use.  *I advise after 48 hours remove the screw band to prevent false seal.  Store not stacking on top of each other for safe canned goods.

This recipe will make 4 half pint jelly jars of marmalade.

If you would be interested in the Ball Orange Marmalade Recipe for cooking otherwise without the jam maker click here .  I haven't made that one yet but let me know if you do and like it.

I went online to find Paddington Bear with his hand in the marmalade.  
That made for a cute sticker to put on the jars and as you can see
it made little one happy!

Old Fashioned Cook Down Way

I ran across this post on Facebook and thought it would be nice to add to this post.


  1. How cute to go see Paddington Bear. My grands liked it. I don't eat orange marmalade but my hubby loves it. xo Diana

    1. Hi Diana,
      Paddington is pretty cute. Men do tend to like the marmalades better ..I guess I inherited my love of it from my daddy. So good to hear from you.

  2. I heard Paddington was a great movie even for adults. I've never had any marmalades, growing up we didn't eat much jelly, I guess Mom didn't like it.

    1. It was pretty cute I really did enjoy it when I thought I wouldn't. Truthfully I love the jams and jellies but don't eat them as much as my kids and grand kids..I forget they are even in the fridge. When I do remember I enjoy them a lot! Good to hear from you Kathy.

  3. Dolly I love reading your blogs. So much good information and you are very talented in so many ways. Love this photo of Phillip. He is a sweetheart. I wonder if you could substitute Splenda for the sugar in this recipe.
    Also, have you ever used orange marmalade as a baste for baked ham

    1. Hi Karen,
      Thank you so much! I don't know about the Splenda Ball might could answer your question. Meanwhile I'll research that too. My mouth is watering the baked ham would probably be wonderful with the marmalade...
      So good to hear from you! xoxo