Feb 26, 2014

Official Taste Testers

Good Morning!
     I hope all is well with you.

 Are they adorable or what?  They love to eat but if they don't like something they definitely will not eat it!

 You may or not know that Hibiscus House had a total of three blogs.  It stemmed from my love of cooking.  I started posting all here but then the recipes were taking over so:

  Dolly is Cooking was born.

     You that are familiar with that blog already know a few things.  The recipes shared are close to my heart.  Ninety percent or more are my own recipes.  They are simple, southern, traditional recipes some handed down from generations of my family.  Each made from ingredients most of us have on hand.  

     I like the idea of being thrifty, not wasteful and making do with what you do have on hand.   Some of the best recipes come about from trying different things on hand to see how they will work.  Don't be afraid to try new things, because what is the worst that can happen?  You may lose some ingredients if it is horrible but in time you will know what will work and what won't.  Experiment!

     Guess, that I get that from my Mama "Dot".  She was quite the experimenter some worked great some were jokes and she would laugh at herself as well.  Once she made a macaroni and cheese she mixed up in her bowl she made banana pudding in..She was a character, you may not know that.  That one was a surprise after it was eaten she told family.  Actually not bad at all a little sweetness in the macaroni didn't hurt.  Funny stuff!  She really was a wonderful cook!


     Cooking is close to my heart.  I just love to cook and if you love to do something it shows.  People around you just know.

Introducing a few pictures of our Hibiscus House Dolly is Cooking Official Taste Testers!

First time he ever tried rutabagas and he likes them a lot!

The next day he had them again with sauce of his choosing!

Our oldest most experienced Taste Tester!

Do you have your very own taste testers?
I'll bet you do!


  1. Great photos of the kids. I wouldn't mind being your taste tester. You can always send a care package. LOL

    1. Aww thanks Michelle and you have a point! I can't promise how it will taste in travel but we just might have to see...I wish we lived closer you would have to be a taste tester!

  2. Your boys are so precious!
    How fun~
    What is rutabagas?

    1. Oh thank you Marissa..I love them how is your precious little doll baby? I've put a link on here for the rutabagas.I can't believe that little child likes them but he does. It's a root crop. Have a great rest of the week I'm coming over to visit you on your blog now. Love ya
      I did a post on them one time too: