Nov 1, 2011

A Stitch in Time

I have two beautiful daughters, and also have a love for sewing.  Carly my oldest would stand behind me in the chair I was sitting in sewing most nights. She would brush and play with my hair and we would talk and talk the night away.

We also put her play room in the same room as my craft room so that worked out really well. She went to school with lots of home made clothes. Easter dresses were out of this world.

Catie came along almost 9 years later and was my little tomboy. She loved dresses though and wore them to school. The teachers would call and tell me Dolly I have sewn the waist of her dress back so many times it is impossible to fix it this time. They would lovingly do this. I would go take her another, she did like to play on the playground a lot.

I always felt that they were ashamed of those home made dresses.  Years later they  brought me to tears talking of how much that meant to them.  They were not ashamed at all.

Carly went to Disney World with an entire home sewn wardrobe...I was unable to go, but family told me she lovingly laid out all of her outfits and was so excited to wear them.

Catie and I have a song that brings me to tears and it is Coat of Many Colors by Dolly Parton.

Don't ever think you know what is on your children's minds because it is entirely possible that you do not.

Life has taken me away from sewing for quite a few years and it is past time for me to return to it.
A few years back Carly & maybe Catie too I can't remember bought me a wonderful sewing machine. I really think that back in my day a car could have been bought for less money. Anyway it has been in the case for all of that time. I have been intimidated just looking at it.

The girls, my niece Beth and I are now taking sewing classes, well I am going with them and it is so much fun. The machine has been dusted off and away we go.

Isn't she a beauty this machine?  I love my new sewing basket too.  Found a few retro patterns and they look great.  I'm excited too because I have a new grandbaby coming! Don't you just love all of the patterns, Christmas, and gardening?

This is going to be such fun.  I might even bring out the clay and paint while I'm at it.  I see an apron in Hibiscus House's next simple giveaway.

What things have you put aside and maybe need to continue?  Comment about them I would love to hear of your interests.


  1. Dolly,
    I followed you over from my blog. Saw that you are a new follower/friend and thought I would come visit. I am going to follow you also because I can see some fun time coming up here!

  2. Brenda,
    I am so glad you did! I am going to surely enjoy yours too. Come on back anytime!

  3. Hi Dolly,
    I'm so envious that you have a sewing machine! I would love one. My mother made all my clothes when I was small. I would love to take some sewing classes now. I'll admit that I didn't learn much about it when I took Home-Ec in high school. By the way, your recipe for dressing looks divine!

  4. Thanks Jane. They have the classes at Poynor Ms Bonnie is a very laid back sweet teacher but she can teach. We have about 2 more weeks and then she will teach another if you want to call them to see. I am excited to sew now after a long break. Talk to you soon new friend...

  5. Dear Dolly,

    I love your blog...
    And I will follow your beautiful blog.
    Please take a look into my world.

    Love and happines,

  6. I love you blog. I am letting my followers know I am having a Mystery Christmas Box give away. There are 5 gifts in the box. Come join the fun.

  7. I love Dolly's Coat of Many Colors song, it always brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it.

    How sweet that you and your girls have these precious memories! I think that is awesome that you are taking classes together... even more memories being made! Have fun!

  8. I love Coat of Many Colors too!! It's on our ipod LOL

    Love your blog, thanks for visiting mine :-)

    I do have to say that I am aghast at the blasphemy that leaving a Viking Designer I in the box for that long is! LOL Shame on you! LOL

    But really, hoping you have years and years of fun with it!!

  9. Look at those retro patterns! You'll have fun with those!

  10. Visiting from the white wolf summit link up. Your message is so inspiring to any woman who's ever had to set aside a beloved hobby or dream to raise her children. Kudos to you for recognizing that it's your time again and returning to a hobby you love! I have each of those vintage patterns you have. Aren't they delicious?!

  11. Growing up, Mom always made our clothes. I had some of the coolest (and different) outfits. I was always excited to wear them. It was always exciting when mom would take us to the cloth store. We would look through pattern books for something we wanted her to make us, then we got to pick out the cloth. I went through a highschool stage where I was made fun of for wearing homemade clothes so I wanted store bought. Mom did her best to keep me in fashion but refused to buy the name brands. Now that I am older, I still ask her to make me something every now and again. Shes in her 80’s and just retired from her alteration business and back to sewing for fun. She asked me just last week to give her my measurments.