Oct 31, 2011

Little Lion's Halloween

He is Alex that child loves Madagascar
Here he is with Papa Fred

Halloween at the Old Homeplace was always a fun time.   Randy the girl's daddy always strived to have trick or treaters come to our door.
You see the old homeplace was always up a long driveway. There were not a lot of neighbors at that time. We never really got any trick or treaters and they would have made out like bandits.  It would have thrilled us so.

That did not stop Randy, nor I. We would have all of the extended family with children that are now grown over for the snacks and of course the trek across the road for trick or treating.  It is for us just a fun, innocent way of celebrating a family tradition.

Mommy is about to have a baby so Little Lion Alex said she had to be Gloria from the movie

Daddy is not yet in his costume
He has been chosen to be Melman the giraffe from the movie

Blue Boy

Papa Fred is a witch

The girls enjoying the party

Big C. is Marceline the vampire Queen from
Adventure Time

Pop Pop and Papa spent some of their time in front of this
 Pop Pop was Mort from the movie
Mimi (I) was dressed as Marty the Zebra from Madagascar
not pictured in our costumes

Picture of Pop Pop with Little ones

Our little lion

Have a safe and fun Halloween  

Until next time,