Jan 29, 2014

What Are We Going To Do?!!

I of course sent Chuck for milk, bread etc.  Every pitcher is full of water along with 3 bathtubs.

Yes that is how it is in the South!  People make fun of us.  We laugh at ourselves too; but truth be known we should react like that.  We really don't get it enough to be prepared for it.  It took some of my relatives in Georgia 10 hours or more to get home 3 1/2 miles.  We didn't get quite that much snow here.

This is how we have fun in the South with snow! We enjoy every minute of it because it snows so seldom and doesn't usually last that long.

Enjoy these pictures from my nieces and nephews! 

Photos by Beth Coleman

I'll be back with different snow pictures...
Have a safe and fun day wherever you are.


  1. We filled out tub once during the blizzard of 78. Haven't done that since then. Ha ha! Fun times!

    1. We have good memories don't we? Thanks for putting a smile on my face Kristina!

  2. It is nice to see someone actually enjoying the snow. Here, even our kids that love to sled and slide are tired of it. AND it is so cold that it has taken the fun out of it here. We finally got above zero today and now they are saying heavy snow again tomorrow. I wanna go South----waaaaah.....xo Diana

    1. We get it so seldom until it is a treat! I do not like the ice and sleet though and when we lose electricity ugh. We have been lucky so far. I know you all are so tired of the cold! Come on down here and visit us anytime! xoxoDolly