May 24, 2016

Morning Walk Hydrangeas In Full Bloom

I love the morning walks through the gardens the best time to enjoy the beauty.  The Hydrangeas are doing so well this year, their bushes are loaded.  Today in this gardening post I share their beauty.

Look at the blooms and they are still just loaded with buds that have yet to bloom.  They aren't extremely large this year but I gave them a hard pruning and it has taken two years for them to bounce back.

I wish you could see the pretty view outside my kitchen window.  The flowers blooming the Hummingbirds drinking nectar, the Eastern Bluebirds and Chimney Sweeps nesting all around.  the Mockingbirds are in the white rose gardens.  I have to trim those back when the birdies leave the nest.

Hydrangeas are one of my very favorite flowers.  Where can you have one bush that is so loaded with such a variety of colors?  They are high performers with little to no care.

This was taken last week before the full bloom and you can see the bushes are loaded with little buds waiting to pop open.

This section has a soft assortment of colors

This is a fabulous bloom the color is so beautiful and look at the detail!  I see lots of things that need doing.  Power washing the house and painting the porches and railings.  Have to make some notes with so much to do but most will be fun.  Outside playing with water and painting making things neat and clean looking again.

Glad you took this little tour of the Hydrangea Gardens with me today.  They and the roses just love it around here in this sandy soil and I for one am very glad!  This last bloom is lying down guess it is tired.  I had to cut this beauty and take it inside to enjoy.

I hope you're enjoying your gardens and the wildlife all around.
I hear wild turkeys on the back 40 as I call it.  I hear the mules over in the cow pasture next farm over the coyotes come close every now and then, I actually love to hear them.

Until next time,


  1. The Coyotes alway sound so forlorn to me. It makes me feel sad for them.
    OK lets not go there, your Hydrangea Gardens are beautiful, I would like
    to get one of those and a Hibiscus as well. We need to power wash too.
    I'm going to look and see if there isn't some kind of cleaner that helps
    stop the mold growth. I have the feeling there is.
    Have a great day.

    1. I never thought about the coyotes sounding that way but they do! When we first moved out here they would frolic and play on the front porch and were so cute.
      Oh Tonia you will love the Hydrangeas. I placed mine at back door because my grandparents did but in reality they are not very pretty at all when not leafed out and in bloom. They are like an array of sticks standing up. When in bloom they make up for that, thank goodness!
      I need some perennial Hibiscus I had some they just don't seem to want to live here for me but I won't quit, I cant! Look what I've named the house!
      Oh my I hated to showcase the flowers with the blame mold algae on the house, but it was now or never. I hate that in the shaded areas it forms. I've owned a brick home and probably just couldn't see it before but it sure didn't show up like this on the white Hardee Board Siding here. If you find a product that does that please, please let me know.
      Thanks Tonia good to hear from you.

  2. Wonderful Photos Dolly! Coyotes do have an interesting sound. Great post!

  3. SO pretty and one of my favorites. They don't grow well in Chicago but I know they do well in Kentucky. I should get some for the lake house.

    1. That would be great because they are basically care free!

  4. Beautiful! My mom lives in Hot Springs, AR and they have the prettiest ones as well. It must be perfect weather for them in the South. We have to power wash too, and paint our porch after my husband replaces some boards. The front of our house faces North and we are in the woods so every year I have to hand wash the front 2 stories, which I can reach from the porches, but I need professional help with the garage and side of the house since they are just too tall.

    1. Hey Kathy!
      I'll bet they are beautiful in AR! Oh you lucky girl to have both porches that does help I know. We need a huge ladder for our second floor. I love your house plan it is a dream home!
      Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!