May 2, 2016

Baby and Sensitive Skin Laundry Detergent/Soap

Do you have one of these in your home?  If you do this DIY Powdered Laundry Detergent/Soap may be useful.  We've used this quite a few times for baby and sensitive skin.  

You will need Super Washing Soda and 20 Mule Team Borax.  Baking Soda is an added softener and it helps to whiten laundry.  It isn't mandatory but I think it is, especially for this mixture.

Any of these three soaps or a combination of will work in this mixture.  White Dial Only is great for sensitive skin.  Kirk's Castile Soap is so very mild and coconut only adds to the sweet smell,  We all know that Ivory is a pretty good gentle soap that packs a punch when it comes to cleaning delicates and baby clothes.

Remember the old Ivory Snow Detergent?  

You will need a grater of some sort for the soap.  I use my KitchenAid as you can see in the center and then I pulse to further chop finely.  You will want this detergent mixture ground finely for easier dissolving and rinsing from clothing.


2 cups of finely grated soap 
1 cup Borax
1 cup Washing Soda
1/4 cup Baking Soda

I would use Ivory or Kirk's for baby and Dial or Kirk's for Sensitive Skin.  When first trying but my children's pediatrician started us using the White Dial Only for their baths.  They as well as myself are highly allergic so it is most likely safe for all.  We have used all on our entire family laundry of all ages.


Add to food processor to mix ingredients and make even finer
Place in large airtight container
Use 2 Tbs to 1/4 cup for load of laundry depending on size and dirt.
HE Machines use 2 Tbs.

I strongly suggest you use a face mask and glasses to protect your eyes and sinuses while making these homemade mixtures.

This is really a Laundry Soap


  1. This is really great! I have started my soap making adventure! Cold process lye soap. I like this as natural as possible. So what is the difference between baking soda and laundry soda? I have added both and borax to my laundry. I also use white distilled vinager as a softener and rinse! It doesn't smell bad it smells great!
    I will try making some of your soap in my near future! No babies, but lots of sensitive skin!

    1. Oh how wonderful to make your own soap! I have yet to make my own bar soap and yet have wanted to do so for years. I'm slow on that one. The following is from Arm & Hammer the difference between Baking Soda and Washing Soda.
      Baking Soda is made of 100% Sodium Bicarbonate. Super Washing Soda is made of 100% Sodium Carbonate. While they sound similar, they are not the same. Both products can be used to improve liquid laundry performance for cleaner, fresher clothes. Both products can also be used for cleaning around the house. Baking Soda can be used in baking, as a dentifrice and as an antacid, Super Washing Soda cannot. Super Washing Soda should never be ingested. Be sure to check product packaging for specific uses and recommendations.
      Yes vinegar is great for a softener. I wouldn't use it in any washer softener holders though or dishwasher holders because it is strong and after use can harm the plastic and rubber parts of these. There are regular and heavy duty laundry mixtures here too if you're interested and I've used all of them now for years. They work. I admire your soap making! Blessings to you!

      Arm & Hammer website