Mar 11, 2016

Excellent Natural Fabric Softener

Natural Wool Dryer Balls 

We've been talking about laundry detergent for awhile now so it stands to reason we will talk about fabric softeners next. This is my very excellent natural fabric softener! 

Look at that face!  Isn't it adorable?  I just love her sheep!  Sandra is no stranger to Hibiscus House, you may remember she was a Spotlight Story and you can read all about her  Clearwater Farms a few years back here.  She and her family have the most beautiful sheep. They sheer them and make the most beautiful and useful items from them.  Have you heard of these before?

You can buy the Handmade Wool Dryer Balls from MittenStateWool if you wish.  I can tell you that I personally have been using mine almost daily for awhile now.  She gave me some to try, I had just begun to hear about them and was excited to see how well they work.  I so enjoyed using them and decided that I would buy more of them for myself.  

Sandra has a tutorial for Making Your Own Wool Dryer Balls Here.  I may make some , or I may not because they aren't expensive and she makes and sells them Etsy Shop Here.

Mitten State Wool Etsy Store

It has been almost a year since the purchase and like I said they are used almost daily!  I think they are a little tighter with constant use, but that doesn't hurt their effectiveness in any way. 

Saves lots of money: I don't know about you but that is a great thing to save that much money.  I can certainly enjoy using the money for other things!  They can pay for themselves with the price of one huge bulk size bottle of softener, two at most!  

We have saved so much money that would be spent on liquid fabric detergents.  I only use the liquid softener on my hand-washables and husbands uniform.  Have you priced the detergents and softeners lately?  I was in shock not long ago just walking the aisle looking at the prices.

I find that there is much less static cling with use.

Softer laundry: 
 Really, much softer using the wool balls than the store bought softeners!  I was amazed from the very beginning and continue to be amazed at the softness.

Towels are much more absorbent with use: It's true they are because use of liquid softeners make them less absorbent.  That is a big plus to have softness with absorbency!

They look pretty sitting on top of my dryer!  They really do!  I love natural textures and colors and they only add to that!

You can see the Wool Dryer Ball Review that I did in 2014 Here

Don't you just love this basket?  I do!  I got this and quite a collection from a friend of mine and they just complete every display.  Thanks Ann!


If you must have scent other than the fresh clean scent from your homemade laundry detergent then add a little essential oil of your choice to the wool balls before drying.  I don't know if that will shorten the life of them but you can do that for smell.

I just took this bottle without spout and placed ball solidly onto top of bottle and tilted one quick time on three places around the woolen dryer ball.  I did this on three balls and have used them for my entire laundry today and I've done 6 loads.
You can see I used Lavender which is in so many products.

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  1. I will try some. i am always looking for a way to save money and softer laundry.... I am in!

    1. Hey Ginger Dawn! You always brighten my day, I hope you know that! They have saved me so much money until I splurge on a few things during the year and smile about it! I would love to have sheep here but realize that it may not happen so I enjoy others and the wool they produce. Have a great weekend!

  2. I really need to give those a try. They look wonderful.

    1. Today, even Chuck said that they do soften the clothes really well.