Mar 14, 2016

Dominique or Not!

"Lil Brainiac" with the Dominique?  Not a Dominique!

Sometimes what we think we have may not be what it is supposed to be at all.  Last year We ordered Dominique pullets.  Look closely to this almost year old pullet do you see the comb?  Join me today for a little word of advice.

She is a beautiful young hen but she isn't a Dominique.

A closer look at her comb

We ordered six Dominique Pullet Chicks and ended up with one sickly that died immediately, One eaten by a snake and four survivors.  I can't say what the two that died were but out of the four survivors there is only one Dominique and it is a rooster. You probably know my luck when it comes to having chicks that aren't roosters. Out of that same four I have another rooster and it is a Barred Rock.  I have two Barred Rock hens. They are adorable and have just started laying so of course as all they will stay here at Hibiscus House.

Barred Rock Hen

Six Dominique Pullets Ordered

  • One died immediately (sickly when bought)
  • One, sadly a snake ate (not the store's fault)

 Barred Rock Hen

Four "Dominique" Survivors
  • One Barred Rock Rooster
  • Two Barred Rock Hens
  • One Dominique Rooster...(guess that is a half winner...not a pullet but at least a Dominique)

Barred Rock Hen and Rooster

The advice I have for you is check the reputation of chicken breeders your local feed and seed deal with.  I was offered six more free chickens this season to replace my wrong breeds but I chose not to take them up on that one because with my luck I'd get more roosters and who knows what breed. Plus, the time it would take to brood these new babies was something I just don't have.  I told them they could maybe give me a bag of feed and we'd call it even.  They didn't take me up on that one.

The local business is South Florence Feed & Seed in Florence. We've bought feed and plants from them for years.  I mention the name only to warn you of what you may get in the chick line from them. I guess this is a live product review.

Real Dominique, although not a hen

He is a little marked because he is meek and mild with the two unexpected roosters in the same pen. I will have to remove one if they don't adjust.  They seem to be doing well at the moment, maybe they've decided who the dominant rooster is.  I sure hope so.

He is quite the Poser

See the Dominique Rose Comb?  

The four of them resting and enjoying the warm day

The chickens are beautiful and I will keep them but they are not what I ordered. Lots of care, food and effort has gone into them from the warmed brooder until now.

I know the store wanted to make it right by offering the chick replacements but I don't think they realize the time and the amount of care that goes into raising them to find out you don't have the correct breed is very disappointing.

I also know that I'm not the chicken "farmer" that my granddaddy was because he would have had two roosters in a pot right away.  I just am not built that way.  Oh well, I'll add Dominique Hens at a later date.

They are beautiful aren't they?
Now I'm off to enjoy this gorgeous weather!

Until next time,


  1. They are beautiful - love their coloring.

    Your grandson is TOO adorable!!

    1. Hi Kim,
      Yes, I decided after feeding them for a year I needed to keep them and they are pretty. Phillip is growing so fast. Thank you!

  2. They are pretty, I love the combs. We incubate but seem to get quite a few roosters, in fact we have five and they get along better than when we had 2, no one can gang up on just one without the others getting involved. We are going to expand and get meat chicks this year. I've never processed a live chicken before, this will be a new challenge.

    1. I envy you and need to be growing my own meat chickens too! My sister did that last year and her family were alright with it after a while. She put them into her freezer and just didn't tell the squimish kids who had grown close to them. After they ate them and said they were the best chicken they'd ever eaten they were ok! Let me know how it goes for you.