Mar 17, 2016

Lillian Vernon Rooster Canisters Review

You know by now that one word to describe everything I do is Simple.  That seems to describe how I look at life.  We live simply, not frugally but simply.  Today I share the kitchen canisters I have been using for years.  Join me won't you.

I did this review in 2013 but have had technical difficulties with the blogs and am cleaning them up.   As a matter of fact I am working on combining Dolly is Cooking back home here at Hibiscus House. That may be a while off yet but those are my plans anyway.  Yes, thinking of simplifying things on the websites too.  Enjoy this from the cooking site archive review.

UPDATE Cooking Blog is now off line
New recipes will be shared here at Hibiscus House and Cookbook coming soon.

I did purchase these many years ago from Lillian Vernon and I can tell you if you can find them anywhere get them!  They seal wonderfully airtight and at the same time are very easy to open and close.  They keep things fresh for an "almost" indefinite time.

I took a big leap and decided for the Fall that I would change them out for this pretty colorful set.  Guess what?  I found this new in the box set on Ebay.

Did I do away with my white?  Heck no those babies are gold to me they will be stored for safe keeping and pulling out when I need pure white again.

In my younger years I had strawberry wallpaper and red counter tops.  I loved bold bright colors but not so much anymore.  What are your tastes in decor?

I'll be back soon with other reviews and decor with the Fall and Winter we all will be spending more time indoors.  One upcoming review will be Joseph Joseph Index Steel Chopping Block Set.

I'll leave you today with this flower, have a blessed Sunday and I hope the week ahead is a good one.

Sharing flower from Hibiscus Spring Gardens
 Little Japanese Iris that has been moved from 3 locations and still going strong.
It was from Genolia Ratliff's Garden.