Mar 19, 2016

Little Red Hen Feeder

We have a few backyard chickens here at Hibiscus House as you probably know if you follow. We've had some of our feeders for so long they have cracked if plastic, rusted if metal.  It was frankly time to purchase new.

I share today this cute little feeder we found at Tractor Supply.  It is lightweight and holds 2 1/2 pounds of feed.  It stands 13 1/2 inches high and is 10 inches dia.  All-Weather Top-fill feeder.  I like that makes for easier filling.  No turning over and fighting to open to fill.  It is an easy fill feeder and I love that!

Cute Chicken Comb Lid and Handle

Look at the totally cute lid it is a comb!  It shuts but not hardly it doesn't lock but will stay put if not knocked over.

Anti-Perch Rain Shield

I like the little anti-perch rain shield and lid that keeps the hens from sitting and "pooping" on top of them. I like the little fold out legs, they fold out from underneath.  You can choose to sit directly on the ground with the legs folded in underneath if you like.  

Trough and Fold-out Legs

I find that the trough holds an ample amount of feed to serve many chickens.  We have in one pen 9 hens and 1 rooster and this feeds them all a once.  It surprised me because this little lightweight feeder performs better than I thought it would.


The hopper holds more than one would think too.  The older hen pen with 10 can eat on this for 2-3 days.  I have a small pen with 4 chickens and they have eaten out of theirs for 4 days with more left.
Now having said that I have 6 Buff Orpingtons young layers that are ravenous and they eat this full in 2 days.  That said so that you will have to pay attention to your flock or flocks to see how their appetites are for feeding them efficiently. 

I've read comments as to how poorly the feed comes out into the compartments.  I have had no trouble whatsoever. *You must place on level hard ground or surface and you won't encounter any problems I believe.


Easy to fill
Last a long time
Stays Dry
Stays Clean
Feeds up to 10 chickens (My pen)


Both of which happened when first put into their pen and since they have a track record of sitting on everything and fighting over who will do it I don't doubt that.  It happened in the one pen but not the other two so not bad.

Lid will fall of if chickens knock feeder over
Legs will fold up if chickens are very rowdy

I will update when they get older as to how long they may last and perform.
If you would like to purchase one check your local Tractor Supply or online here

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