Mar 20, 2016

It's Beginning to Look Like Spring in the Chicken Pen

I do believe that is what Gaston is thinking. This was the first day I let the young Buff Orpington Hens out into the large area. He was flustered with them.  The chicken yard is full of activity today.

Yes his name is Gaston.  We had a contest here for a name and Carly won.  She loved Gaston from Disney's Beauty and the beast.  He does act somewhat like him so it is the perfect name!

I do believe he is at a loss with these ladies.  I put him into the pen with them the night before so they could get used to him. Little did I know he would need to get used to them!  They hovered over him, constantly surrounding him pecking (lovingly) on his face, head, legs and feet.  They pulled all of his foot feathers out in record time.

Gaston standing there so completely worn out and in shock.  He's never met a bunch like those.

He is a Wheaten Marans Rooster and they have beautiful feathered feet.  I didn't know they would be so enamored with him that they'd pull them out! It was evident that tonight I would have to relieve him of these females he needed a break from his adoring flock.I love the coloring on Gaston and the Buff color is beautiful on the Orpingtons.

It's Spring the grasses and wildflowers are beginning to come up the chickens are pecking and scratching

These are the sweetest hens and I really love them!  They are so sweet and will talk to you.  Don't you love the shadows in these pictures?  

The dog is busy watching and guarding.  Speaking of the dog let me show you what he is doing. He is a little anxious they are getting close to his food!  Gaston stands back a little while the new hen approaches Casper, she isn't afraid of him at all.  He is a wonderful chicken guard but the older bunch of hens have him a little more protective of his food supply.

Look at Casper acting so nonchalant. You can bet he is watching her every move. She is timid but wondering what that is in front of him?  I think she wants some don't you?

I can't keep this bunch out of the dog's food!

Now, let me show you this little mangly bunch of Silkie Chickens.
Left to right:  1. Topknot is a precious little Silkie Hen.  She is the only Silkie Hen I have left.  She is adorable, so small and quick. She has a bounce to her step.  She is losing her feathers (we have too many roosters only one hen). I put her in another pen away from the roosters and she just proceeded to dig herself out.  She is happy out with them so I'll leave it alone.
2. That dear crazy rooster in the middle I named Screech.  He is just plain crazy!  If a person, dog or chicken even looks his way he will run around like his head is cut off squealing and screeching as loud as he can!  He is scared of his own shadow! Loud and crazy for sure. Look at him he is even scared to eat while they are there just looking!
3. Last but not least is Pumpkin!  Can you tell why he is named Pumpkin.  He is so pretty or should I say handsome?  He will stand down the biggest rooster around and is afraid of nothing. I really like him!

I'll leave you today with another shot of this bunch.  Gaston's legs have healed and are not as red as they are in this picture, thank goodness.  He is now a part of this  brood and getting along fine.  They have laid off of competing for his attention they now all just hover.

I would advise all chicken lovers to get the Buff Orpington Breed. They are just precious. They already eat out of my hands and sit on my lap, if I had more time they'd probably want to come in the house with me...Confession time, I haven't named any of them they look just alike and I can't tell them apart. 

Have a great week,

Until next time,


  1. I had the same problem with my first flock. There was no way to tell who was who. Gaston is very handsome.

    1. I guess i'll just love them without names. Oh he thinks he is too..Thank you Michelle. Did you find a way to name yours?

  2. Poor rooster, the girls ganged up on him and took all his foot feathers! I hope they grow back quickly. I love the buffs, they are so tame. We have about 30 cornish cross arriving in a month but I think they will be segregated from the regular flock. One side eggs the other meat.

    1. Yeah he was just beside himself but is now back to normal. They have calmed down thank goodness! I should be growing some of those myself! Keep us up on how well you do with that. I admire you!

  3. Wow.. what a blessing.. happy Easter.

    1. Hi Marissa! So good to hear from you! We are blessed. I hope you and your precious family have a wonderful Easter!