Mar 25, 2019

Morning After In The New Pen

Who knew even a change of scenery would make chickens happier?  I sure didn't.  This bunch is singing daily and the truth is they want me to sing to them in the evening. Yes, I can't sing a lick, but they enjoy it!  They everyone, lay the next day and sing all day going about their business.

Chick Days everywhere and for sure around here.  It is wonderful to have them and they lay such beautiful golden yolked eggs.  They are much healthier for you than CAFO eggs, safer too. I love the Farm Fresh Eggs.

We have lots to do in the chicken pen, other improvements as I now call 'Shanty Town'. Sharing their happiness today, as I get ready to garden and do yard work.  It's that time of year folks, if you can get outside for the huge amount of pollen!  

A sure sign when hens are happy and healthy!
Eggs are being laid!

Beautiful assortment
Makes one think of Easter!

Left white Delaware hen "Precious"
The Welsummer is "Addie"

These two hens are the most loving, I think we've ever had!
They want you to hold, talk and sing to them.

Happy yard

Checking out her new home

She likes it
This hen is the ring leader of the pen for sure
What she does affects the others

Learning ever inch of their pen

Precious and Dottie

Update** 4/8/2019
Precious, The White Delaware on the left has died

We have seven old hens left and they seldom lay.  One is an egg eater and we're trying to find out which one. That is a job for sure. Gaston is showing signs of his age now and was wounded while defending his flock recently.  We lost two of our favorites to a huge predator.

Thank you all for the prayers for Chuck!
Thank God the last test results were negative!
We have more tests this week and would appreciate prayer.

You may want to read about the building of this new coop here


  1. So glad they are loving their new pen! So cute!!

    1. Thanks Tina! Wish we were closer so I could share some of their beautiful eggs with you. xoxo Dolly

    2. So sorry to hear about losing your babies
      Hope Gaston and your hubby are doing better.

      Hope Gaston is doing ok.

    3. Hi BJ, Thank you so much sweet friend.