Mar 29, 2019

FlexClip Product Review

Today I am reviewing a new program, so far I am very pleased.  It is called FlexClip.  I've used it several times in the past week.  FlexClip is a simple to use but powerful video maker that helps you create videos for any use in minutes.  Join me today as I share this program with you.
Candy from PearlMountain Limited contacted me recently.  I already use several of her programs and enjoy each.  FlexClip is a brand new app.

Great Features:
FlexClip is completely free.
Easy to use and clean storyboard.
Support many photo and video formats.
Flexible editing features like trim, split, add text (animations), music, watermark, etc.
Export videos with high resolutions.
Compatible with Windows 10

FlexClip Website

FlexClip Facebook

FlexClip Twitter

All of the flipbook videos I've been using here on the blog were made on this program.  I did download it to YouTube for use on this blog. The latest chicken photo clips were made with this then with YouTube for placement on Hibiscus House.

I'll say one thing, I am not that technical so who knows it could have been used directly here on the blog.  Either way, the program is extremely easy to use, with my expertise/Not it would have to be.  I really like it!  Actually, I haven't even downloaded, and have been using the free online program.  No download is needed if that is how you'd like to use it. I am working on an older computer, an older Windows Version, so can only tell you what is working for me.  Imagine with newer equipment how much more you could do!

There is even a page for learning how to use this program HERE.

You can upload your favorite music as well, so many would love that.

I can tell you from my experience with this program that it will be used by me a lot.  Simple instructions accompany every video you are trying to make.  If it weren't simple to use I would have to have extra help.

I recommend and will continue using myself.

Disclosure:  I was given no compensation for this product review.

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