Dec 3, 2021

Popcorn Tree Full Of Popcorn!


Not really popcorn of course but it sure looks like it could be.  The nickname is appropriate.  You may remember this tree recently in the spring blooms attracted so many bees, butterflies, and birds.  Then in the fall, the colors were so pretty.  The leaves have now fallen and the tree stands alone with the wonderful popcorn-looking pods.  

I may just have to add a few to a Christmas wreath or two!  I'm sharing a few pictures today of this simple but interesting tree.

It is actually called Chinese Tallow and is quite invasive along the swamps and lakes in South Carolina. I'm not advising you to grow them because of that fact. However, I do hang onto this one because it came from my mama's tree and it has sentimental value. Having said all of that, it is a fun tree to watch.

Three Stages of Growth


The picture on the left in the collage is in the spring and in full bloom.  The middle picture was taken recently in the fall and what beautiful colors the leaves had.  The last picture on the right was taken yesterday December 2nd and check out the pods that do indeed look like popcorn!

Look at these! Looks like we need some butter! 
(No, we can't eat them but brings the popcorn to mind and we all know I love popcorn!)

Simple understated beauty!

Be sure to check out the post I recently did  Chinese Tallow The Popcorn Tree, it is full of information about this particular species.

Yes, I do believe I will at least add a popcorn pod or a few to some wreaths.  Charleston is famous for making wreaths with them and has done so for many years.

Article Excerpt: Stroll by any sweetgrass basket-selling hub (near the corner of Broad and Meeting Streets, the City Market, Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park’s Sweetgrass Pavilion) around the holidays, and you’ll find these uniquely Charleston adornments that are made from the berries of the Chinese tallow tree—colloquially known as the ”popcorn tree.” Having decorated doors and windows here for generations, the wreaths may also be found ringing candles on tabletops...

Interesting with a little bit of history and southern tradition added in as well.

I'm rather behind in blogging
Today, I'm working on the post about putting in the new strawberry patch.

Can you believe it is already December?
Wow, hard to believe!
We have a busy fun month ahead, don't we?

Have a great weekend!

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