Nov 28, 2021

Peaceful Eastern Bluebirds On A November Day


The bluebirds are such a delight to watch.  They come yearly to build their nests in the nest boxes we provide out here for them.  I declare it seems the babies come back when older and have their young here as well.  They seem very familiar with our place. Either way, they're such loving birds.

They especially love this old clothesline post for visiting

We don't usually see them much into November but this year we have.
On this day they were all fluttering around so happily

This one is enjoying the cement table

This male is especially large
He is enjoying the Oakleaf Hydrangea

You can read and see more about the Eastern Bluebirds at All About Birds 
They have some beautiful photographs of the breed male and female.

video credit 

I can't wait for the Spring to see them nesting again!

If you haven't tried putting out bluebird houses on your property you may want to consider doing so

If you like birds you won't regret giving these great nesting boxes

Depending on your particular area there are other similar species such as 
Western or the Mountain Bluebirds.

I'm a little behind in blogging so I may be posting a few this week if time permits

I'd love to catch up on some of those unpublished 



  1. Dolly, it is so nice living in a Southern State - I have not yet seen any Blue Birds - I do have "Hawks" - and other bird, yet to identify. I have two pic,s I'd love to share with you on my sisters home in Iowa - they took the best pics of Blue Birds during the winter months.
    Oh, is Back. !!!! Not on FaceBook, I am on Instagram though

    1. It really is isn't it? I'm glad you're enjoying it! Yes, please share the pictures I kow they must be beautiful! Thanks