Dec 9, 2021

New Strawberry Patch 2021

Look at these little plants peeking through the net bags!  They can't wait to be planted!  I pre-ordered three varieties of plugs from Ison's:  Camarosa, Sweet Charlie, and of course Chandler. 

The Cottles first planted Sweet Charlie on some family land then later on the Chandler was the variety of choice. I do believe they grew some of the Camarosa as well. Working the fields for many years I've become known locally as 'The Strawberry Lady'.  That's fine with me because I do love strawberries!

Mama always said I should put my garden in this spot I'm now clearing.  It took a few years mama and many strawberry-loving critters later but I'm finally doing just that!  

We were so excited putting this in until lots of pictures were taken.  

Oh be sure to scroll down to the end to see what happened afterward!  We gasped, laughed, and thanked God we weren't out there when 'this thing' happened!

Our new Big Wheel Cultivator I  purchased from Lehman's & our gas tiller pictured with it on the right.

I had to enlist the help of someone with some Braun to make the first cuttings in with our regular tiller.  (nothing like cutting up and removing the best section in the lawn of planted grass).  
Half of American Gothic Pitchfork Photo Shoot!
Chuck, he's a nut!  I told him to do that though (he's a good sport)!

Then almost impossible odds of removing all of the grass I'd planted so many years before! I kid you not I must have raked that area eight times removing it and probably could even today remove more!

I was glad Chuck tilled the spot a few times because these Big Wheel Cultivators aren't meant to till tough areas.  They are meant to be used afterward in plowing, rowing, making furrows, etc.

I was so blamed excited to use this thing.  Then I started using it and "Oh my gosh"!  If I had to use it a lot I could take up boxing for a living with these new muscles! I like it but let me tell you "It is a lot of work"!

Check it out! It does a great job!  I hope Mama likes & can see the garden spot in front of the pines! 
I'll call it 'Dot's Spot'

Left-The Overseer Middle-Manually Making Rows Right-Laying Down Plastic

Left-The Strawberry Plugs Middle and Right-Catie working hard planting the plugs

Thankfully, she came to the rescue and actually put most of the plants in herself.  I was about to 'Monkey' as my grandma used to say. (meaning I had gotten way too hot to carry on, but way too crazy to stop.  I'm glad she planted it was an extremely hot October day.

Two rows are done with a little room to spare.  Irrigation is down and working!

Oskar inspecting the irrigation

Spreading the Pine Straw Needles

It was quite a task to get pine straw this year.  Businesses were having trouble getting and keeping good help to work and collect it.  I was thrilled to get this and ready to put it out!

Almost finished!

I took this picture yesterday.  It was very windy guess the rain was heading our way we needed it!

What I wanted you to see!
Look what fell into the garden the very next day after we were out there planting!

The guys drug it back towards the woods but I wanted you to see it anyway

This half-rotten pine tree fell into the garden! 
I'm so glad we none were out there at the time.  That was a blessing! 
Thankful also that it didn't hit the strawberries! 

I guess I'll be on the lookout for more uprooting trees and huge limbs ready to fall. 

Here's hoping for a beautiful strawberry crop in the Spring!

Oh these little berries were in the porch deck boxes yesterday!

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