Dec 10, 2021

Christmas Over The Years At Hibiscus House


Today I'm sharing a little Christmas from the Archives.  I've yet to decorate hopefully this will be my motivation.  

Believe it or not, I've been gardening planting roses, moving shrubs.  It has been a busy time outside.  I've wanted to make some changes in that way for a few years so it has been a welcome job.

Well, Let's get on with the Christmas over the years post.  I'm glad you're here! Friends, some of you may re-visit your memories while we're here.


Old Christmas Creation  2011

T'was The Night Before Christmas:  Clement Clark Moore  2012

Homemade Christmas Apron Grandma's Pattern  2011

(I have Grandmother Johnson's Recipe in the book)!


Pictures are taken from our family's Golden Treasury of Bible Stories. This book is torn and tattered but well-loved and read by us as children!



Update The Real St Nicolas 2014 Reconstruction


C'Bros Designs

Fitz and Floyd Santa's List  2015

The Christmas Quilt  2015



Making Bows  2017


Christmas Trees, Decor, Traditions &, etc. (Even a ghost sighting)! 2018

Our Ghostly Christmas Visitor/visitors

12 Days Of Christmas Newest China 2018


I Need To Decorate & Dreaming Of A White Christmas  2019

Christmas Traditions, Decorations, and Memories with Nancy  2019

Christmas Traditions, Decorations, and Memories with Nelva  2019

Christmas Traditions, Decorations, and Memories with Pat  2019

The Never-Ending Christmas  2019

Merry Christmas Eve:  My Childhood Christmas Memories  2019


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