Dec 18, 2017

Making Bows

I've lost count of how many spools of ribbon we have in storage.  Do you do that?  There is just something about new ribbon especially at Christmas time that draws me in.  Today Catie and I were in Sam's Club and this one had to come home with us.  You probably have made bows for many years. Just in case you haven't this is today's topic; Making Bows.

An assortment of bows from storage and the new ribbon
You can see I used a green tie in the off white bow but it can be hidden with loops 
Works especially well on green garland and wreathes


Example of center loop folded and wrapped around 2 fingers
Pinched on the bottom 
Other loops made, turned and pinched on the bottom

I've made mine for years by looping the first (center) loop around two fingers
Pinching on bottom and then making loops on each side.
I then tie another piece of ribbon about 4" longer than other hanging ribbon 
Tie in the back of the bow.
You can always run wire or ties to connect your bow to tree, wreath, garland etc.
I ran the tie through the knot on back of bow
This bow is going on a Eucalyptus wreath that I already own

Finished bow

Eucalyptus Wreath
This hangs over fireplace anyway
Might as well add a touch of Christmas to this!

Play around with the finished bow to place where you'd like on your project

I took the wreath and hung it over the vacuum handle 
This made it easy to attach ribbon bow without crushing either.

Hanging on wall

The candles Carly found for me and I really like them
In my Oleg Cassini crystal candle holders
Sara gave me these favorites to me years ago
Look closely on the wall the sun shining in the windows puts such a colored glow from them

This little gnome was given to me by Carly
Isn't it a cutie?
Made from socks, rice, etc.

Thought you might want another peek at this ribbon

Happy Decorating and Merry Christmas to you all!


  1. I can remember the first time I saw someone twist and turn the ribbon to make their bow and was amazed at the difference it made compared to the way I had been making them. I have WAY too many rolls of ribbon, I think! lol xo Diana

  2. I have the hardest time making bows. :-(

    1. Hi Kim,
      They are a little bit of a pain, but you my talented friend can do anything! I'll bet you and I
      could have the best time creating things together. Wish we were neighbors. Love your items!
      Merry Christmas!!! xoxo Dolly