Dec 29, 2017

Christmas 2017

I hope each and everyone has enjoyed a wondrous Christmas. I'll go ahead and wish you a Happy New Year!  That was just in case I don't get back on here to do so.  Sharing some of our Christmas with you.

Chuck decorating the tree

What do you do with a retired husband at home for the first Christmas in well, forever? You put him to work.  That's what you do!  

Chuck did a great job on this tree.
It is beautiful!
Check out mama's star!

This has been a lovely artificial tree for a good many years, but I'm afraid it has reached the end of it's life.  He worked for two weeks fixing blown lights (it kept him busy anyway).  Then we gave up and he strung extra lights on it.  

I love live Christmas trees and in my other home had one always.  Here the room is extremely small in size so a narrow tree was needed.  

I'm kind of excited to find another or continue on with my search for a live narrow tree. Probably both!

I was busy in the kitchen preparing our Christmas Prime Rib Meal
Wish you could smell and taste!

The Twelve Days of Christmas Porcelain

Yes, I have a problem and it concerns china, crystal, etc.
Evidently I think a home must be a china shop!
I'll try to do better, but I'll do a post of this pattern later.

We of course had an after dinner visit and held the children off as long as possible for the gift opening!  That didn't last long at all!

Happy face holding Amibos

This little one opened his gifts and then proceeded to stomp the bubble wrap and get into the box!
(I know how much he loves bubble wrap so I put tons in a large box with his gift!)
He said, " Mimi here is your present open it!"

Carly and John
Do you know how thankful we are to have them with us?
Both are recuperating from that car accident, thank God!
Thank you friends for the prayers!

Doug and Catie
The Newlyweds!
Glad to have them with us!

Yes Chuck and I had to show our picture as well
You know about how happy this Mimi is to have herself in a picture?
Well the girls aka clowns said
 "We have to have a picture of you to show the undertaker mom!"
Oh my gosh those kids...(they know how much I hate my picture taken)
I'd been cleaning and cooking all day!

This young man likes to camp out and picked these items out
I'm lucky that his wife let us know what he wanted!

I thought well if one of the guys liked these things, then both probably would!
They both like to camp out.
These should keep them a little warmer!

Looks like we should have gotten another set in size small!

Catie got a Daisy Red Rider BB Gun
Yep, I think Doug is glad!

We all had a great time together.

The Day After Christmas

We had Chuck's mother Jacquelyn and her husband Carey 
She has Alzheimer's Disease
You have to have them early because they have something called Sundowning.
Pray for us all with this one please.

We had turkey on that day
Tip** Do not use an electric roasting pan for this job
I do not like it at all
Had to rescue this bird from pan and place in oven to finish.

I think they enjoyed themselves 
The folks in assisted living said so anyway!

I'll share the extremely simple table and new Christmas China soon.

Leaving you now  with these two pictures 

"Little Brainiac's"
 granddaddy used to sing it all the time!

Chuck is proud as a peacock
Yes, he has fixed Carly's Christmas sweater that she wore to work!
The old folks love it!
She keeps them entertained

We've all had fun together
The children gave us way too much of course!
We are so thankful and blessed!
Most importantly being with each other.

I pray you've all been blessed with family, friends and joy during Christmas.
We've lost some family members and a friend as well during this time.
God has continued to bless each and everyone of us during these losses.

The best gift in this world is the one God gave us
His son Jesus


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful, amazing Christmas with family, Dolly. I love all your pictures. I hope you have a blessed, great New Year. xo Diana

    1. Hi Diana, I sure did and thank God daily for them. Sending you and the family lots of love. Praying for blessing in the new year! xoxo Dolly