Dec 10, 2017

Grandpa and Chocolate Covered Cherries!

There are a few memories that stand out in our minds that never go away, thank goodness!  These are a few and I share them with you today.

Grandpa Goodson was a tall thin man with a heart of gold.  He was a hardworking  farmer and lived simply.  There were certain times of the year when some things were very important to him.  Christmas was one such time.

Grandma Cora would send him for lots of groceries because there was some baking to be done of course!  While he was out he knew he had to buy we grandchildren a box of chocolate covered cherries each.  We were many in number so that was a lot of candy to buy.  Fruit and nuts were other important items on his list as well.


Apples, Oranges and Tangerines were a favorite
Oh my how I loved them especially at this time of the year!

Nuts Pecans, Walnuts and Chestnuts raw are extremely good for you
They taste so good too
I love them!

Oh these were good
Grandma would use some of them for her baking of course


Some grown on the farm and on a good year look out for lots of them
Baked in goodies or toasted for eating

I remember being there after some of these very special Christmas shopping trips and let me tell you it was special!  Grandmama would be thrilled, Fannie my aunt that lived at home would be thrilled and I was thrilled to be there.  Happy times in that little country farmhouse were had then.

They would place them inside a pantry they had that was filled with home canned goods.  We children were told, "Now, y'all stay out of here we have to save them for Christmas." We did peek our heads into that door, but we didn't dare touch any of the fruits and nuts.  We did want to of course. Once or twice the brothers would go into the room.  It was short lived because grandma would say, "Are y'all in that pantry?" Then we'd all run like crazy.  Now that I think about it I'll bet that candy was in there too.  The cherries and the hard Christmas Candy.  You know the kind I'm talking about don't you?

When crops would do well and the money was greater we would get another gift along with our cherries.  One year I got and have it to this day a Christmas album.  

I did love this present!
They always said, "Oh how I wish we could give you more for Christmas."
Oh no, you gave your all with enough love and memories to last a lifetime!

Thinking of grandpa and grandma today!

Oh my goodness how I love that to this day!
I've always loved to trim the tree to the music of this album
eating a tangerine and a blame box of chocolate covered cherries!

Happy Sunday 

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  1. Goosebumps! I loved this story Dolly, thank you for sharing it.

    When I was a kid we always had a plump orange sitting in the bottom of our stockings.

    1. Hi Kim,
      Aw that is so sweet. Thank you! I love the orange in the stocking too! xoxo

  2. What great memories, Dolly. My mother loved those chocolate covered cherries. It is so much fun to look back and feel warm all over when the good memories wash over us. xo Diana