Dec 3, 2017

To Hang or Not to Hang

Sometimes I just scratch my head and think about something for awhile.  It might take me quite some time before making up my mind about what to hang on a wall.  Why, oh why do I have this 'thing' about putting holes into a wall?  I find it especially hard to do this on freshly painted walls.  Today I talk about being simplistic. 

Most of you friends know that my daughter and her husband, whom I call one of my sons, were in a horrible wreck.  Thank God they are beginning to heal but it will be a long process of therapy.  I'll take a moment to thank you, all of you for the prayers you've said and continue to say for them.

She needed to go out on one of our few trips lately to run some errands.  She and I also took a quick trip into T.J.Maxx.  She can tell you I rarely shop, but on this day I kept going by a very subtle painting.  It was positioned so that I could see it no matter which aisle I was on.  Dag gone it!  It had to come home with me!

It stood against a wall for almost two months. While cleaning the house, getting ready for Christmas decorating, I decided it was time to hang.

You see even when I really like something it still takes motivation to hammer a hole in the wall.

See the understated beauty

I guess this hermit needs to get out more often!  If I had seen this canvas online it would not have drawn me to it.  In person it is just beautiful.  

Soft colors throughout with just a touch of color and accent
I'll show sections so you can see the beauty

It is on the wall

So simple 
I'm having to get used to it
This wall is where my 'Hunt' picture hang
You may recall how large and colorful it was
I still have it but it is not hanging at the moment

Created 1909
by George Wright (English 1860-1942)

I know I will find a new home for this because it has been with me for so long

I finally hung this up again
This time in the dining room
The boys
They have grown since this was made
Adorable aren't they?

The rug in foyer
I was going to change it out from sheer boredom
Changed my mind with the purchase of this canvas
The colors blend so well together

The same pattern on the dining room rug
Although my photo makes it seem as if they differ they are still the same

This small bath is off the foyer as well
It blends well with the subtle colors 

Artificial plant in bath
Check out the mirror pattern and color
Catie chose that one for her bath and I copied her choice for this bath
It is good when color or non color flows throughout the home

Don't you just love this quiet simple beauty?

When I was standing in front of this canvas people stopped and said, "I've been looking at this all day myself." I took it home with me and I know I will enjoy it!

Carly said, "Mama this is really pretty and has your colors." She also talked me into some beautiful gold candles.  I'll share those with you one day.

She likes to pick at me about how my favorite colors are white, off white, beige and tan! I'm laughing, She is right of course!  The home she and her sister grew up in was colorful! Yes I had a red, blue, very vivid color scheme there.
I'm finding that the older I get, the calmer, more relaxing I like things to be. Soothing colors and comfortable furnishings I like.  Touches of color are great and easy to change out with the seasons.  We all tend to like little changes.

This world can be hectic enough. so it is pleasing to have a home that is a refuge.  A place of comfort and peace that you and family can enjoy.


We in the blogging world never really ever share very much about ourselves.  I think we share tidbits here and there.  Today I share a little.

Chuck has retired and we are getting adjusted to our new lifestyle. I can't wait to do some things we never had time to do while working.

We are grateful that Carly and John are doing better and pray for continued healing from their wreck.  It was a hit and run. A needless accident caused by an individual running.  I have prayed for him too. A life of crime is never the way someone should live and when their actions affect innocent people it makes it even more senseless and wrong.
At the end of the day the children are alive and for that we are so very thankful indeed!  

We have Chuck's mother to look after she has Alzheimer's Disease.  That is a topic for another day.  You, who have friends or family that may have it, already know the trials of this disease.  It is trying and we just give it to the Lord.  Sometimes that is all you can do.  You know what we should do anyway without worry.  Human, yes we are.  

I read these verses this morning: 

Psalm 55:22
Cast your burden on the Lord
And He shall sustain you;
He shall never permit the righteous to be moved.

Psalm 46:1
God is our refuge and strength,
A very present help in trouble

Comforting words indeed.

Have a wonderful Sunday friends!

Well, I guess it is time to decorate for Christmas!
I know most of you probably already have
Me, I'm a little slow with it, but it's time!

Thanksgiving was wonderful 
So many blessings

Christmas here we come!


  1. I too am slow in decorating. Visiting my mama in S.C. for Thanksgiving and my grands in Ohio afterwards has put me back a little bit. It will happen. Loved your blog today. The Bible verses and your thoughts was spot on with what is happening in my world. Fixing to have a retired one in my world next year. In some ways exciting but with trepidation. Sorry to hear about the wreck. Pray that the healing will be swift. Merry Christmas Dolly.

    1. Hi Norma,
      I hope you had a great visit with your mama and your grands! God's words are so timely and I'm glad they may help you today. Oh, yes the retirement thing is an adjustment for all. No matter how much you love someone and they you it will be a new type of togetherness. Other's survive and do very well, we will too Norma so have faith! :). Thank you so much for the thoughts and prayers. Merry Christmas to you!