Dec 20, 2019

Christmas Traditions, Decorations and Memories With Pat

This week has been a great one with friends sharing some of their most cherished Christmas memories. I asked some Facebook friends if any would like to share and immediately got responses.  What a wonderful time of year this is!

Today Pat shares a few of her favorite memories, pictures of loved ones and some of her decorations.

I think being together with family is one of the first things that comes to mind at this time of year.  We plan trips, rearrange schedules, excitedly looking forward to being together.  It is also a time when our loved ones who have passed are in our thoughts.

Pat's love of family is shown in the pictures she has chosen to share with us today.

Baby Pat and her daddy

This adorable little baby is Pat in her daddy's arms.  How precious is this?  This picture captures the love her father had for her.

Pat and her Mama

What a treasure this picture is!  Little Pat and her mother.  How sweet is this?  Just look at the adorable loving smiles on their faces! Check out the car!  These are special moments that are never forgotten.

Pat and her new doll

I  really love the older pictures, don't you?  There is just nothing else like them. Childhood memories that is what a picture can convey. It's true you know, sometimes all one needs is a picture to tell a story.  This one does just that.  Look at that smile on Pat's pretty little face.

Sisters Celebrating Christmas

Pictured above is Pat with her sister Anne.  Both, pretty, smiling and happy, dressed for the occasion, I see. They have a brother Russell as well, not pictured.

Hard to see but the tree appears to have tinsel and looks magical.  I do like the beautiful coffee table to the right.  Wonderful details captured in film. Memories to cherish forever.

Grandpa Henry

Pat says, "My favorite memory was having Christmas Eve with my family, and my Grandpa Henry.  He always spent Christmas Eve with us, for all the years I could remember.  We always gathered as a family on Christmas Eve and had the family meal.  Then we opened presents."

Can you imagine the excitement in that household?  I sure can, because we did the same in our household, (right down the road from them), growing up!

Pat has a new home and has really enjoyed decorating for this Christmas Season.  She has more room to decorate and is very happy about that!

She says, "It's been a long time since I had room to really decorate for Christmas.  I put icicles on my tree to remind me of my childhood Christmas.  I love my tree and my daughter Jessica helped me decorate my mantle.  I decorated my shelf in the kitchen that Cameron made for me, and I made all the flowers outside on my front porch say Merry Christmas!"

Kitchen Shelf

Day & Night

Jessica and Pat

Pat is shown above with her lovely daughter Jessica.  They are so excited and looking forward to a new addition to the family!  This is to be soon!

What a wonderful family!
Thanks Pat, for sharing these treasures with us!

Merry Christmas!

We Have An Update 2020!

There is a new family member this year!
What a difference a year can make!
Grammy's Little man!

Mom and baby Henry!
Yes he is named after Grandpa Henry, whom you can roll back and see in this post!

Isn't he adorable?
I'll go ahead and answer that.
Yes he is!
What a precious gift they are enjoying daily!


  1. What a wonderful memory story. It is lovely and so is she and her daughter. Happy new baby--what a wonderful way to start the new year. Blessings to you and Merry Christmas. xo Diana

    1. Thank you Diana! I sure hope you and the whole family have a wonderful Christmas

  2. You are so blessed to have these old photos! What a great memories for you!

    1. She is blessed to have them. A wonderful family. We knew them and grew up with them so this story seemed to be great memories for me too...xoxo Dolly