Dec 18, 2019

Christmas Traditions, Decorations and Memories With Nelva

Recently I asked friends on the Facebook page if they had any Christmas traditions, memories, or decorations they would like to share.  This week I'll be sharing a few stories with you, in posts.  Can you believe that Christmas is almost here?

Today Nelva shares a wonderful memory and tradition!

In Her Own Words:

I have so many, but will share one that is so close to my heart, and keeps my Mama close to me as well.

When I was between the ages of 7-10, Mama and I would go to Woolworth's in Florence to shop.  Around Christmas. They would have bins of the Nativity Figurines.  Mama didn't buy the entire set at one time.  We would make several trips over a 2 or 3 year period.  She would let me help her pick out the different pieces.

Now that she is with Jesus, I put the Nativity out, and place it in a special place as she would.

The dog has a broken leg, a camel leg is broken and glued back together, and the horns on the cow are broken off, but they are still part of the Nativity.

Mama didn't really remember this, but it was so special to me.  Several years before she died, she gave me the set.

I think of her often, but when this set is added to my decorations, my heart is warmed, thinking of her and I miss her so much.  She has been with Jesus for 21 years now.

She loved Christmas and celebrating Jesus birth.

What a touching memory!
These are the things that are never forgotten
They become a part of our most cherished!

Thank you Nelva for sharing this!

Merry Christmas!


  1. I remember as a child and taking the village and the Nativity out of the box... each year I would set it all up, while listening to Christmas music..... This is such a great tradition.

    1. You know I'll bet you handled each one with love and care. I can almost see you doing that. Nelva's post really brings back memories of our family Nativities. I think my sister got ours, but we all generations loved that one so much. Great memories.