Dec 16, 2019

Christmas Traditions, Decorations, & Memories With Nancy

Recently I asked friends on the Facebook page if they had any Christmas traditions, memories, or decorations they would like to share.  This week I'll be sharing a few stories with you, in posts.  Can you believe that Christmas is almost here?

Today Nancy shares some memories and traditions

In Her Own Words:

As a child, food was the star of the holiday, one of my family traditions was my dads Christmas Morning.

Homemade cinnamon rolls, and sometimes he made pecan sticky buns, he sometimes served with fruit, nuts, and cheese for the morning meal.

We ate in the late afternoon and this always tided us over, as we played with the toys and waited on dinner.  My favorite was his prime rib roast!

When I started my own family, I still carried on that "food" tradition of some sort of sweet treat, with a breakfast casserole on Christmas Morning. (PS I use Paula Dean's Cinnamon Roll Recipe)

My most special tradition was the trip each year to the national forest to cut down a tree (pictured above).  I must tell you this definitely was a Grizwald tree!  Funny how the trees are so small in the forest.  We had to cut the top and bottom off this tree.  This trip was filled with excitement, a stop at our favorite mountain diner for pie and hot cocoa.

Now we buy a small live tree, use for Christmas and then plant!

Now, I wish I had the picture of me as a little girl in front of the Christmas tree, you see Santa left me a dollhouse, and his boot prints were from the door to the tree where my dollhouse was (I was about 4 years old...) the picture was priceless of me and my excitement.

What wonderful traditions and memories Nancy!
I wish you had that precious picture of your excitement!
We can imagine with your story, though!
Thank you so much for sharing with us!

Merry Christmas!


  1. I love reading about everyones Christmas traditions. No matter how commercialized Christmas gets, It’s those old fashion family traditions that stick in our hearts.

    1. Hi Lisa,
      You are so right! There is nothing to compare.