Dec 31, 2018

Taking Down the Simplest of Christmas Decorations!

I guess the time has come to take down the decorations.  This year it will be especially easy as I barely had the time to put any up.  I'll share what was done Christmas Eve for our decorations.

When pushed for time I found one thing was needed, and that would be a roll of ribbon.  Do you need a quick decoration idea? My tip for today would be to put a bow on it! They make so many beautiful wired ribbons and it truly is easy to make the bows!

You may remember the beautiful preserved Boxwood Wreaths I did a Product Review on. They can't be placed in bright sunlight or outdoors for longer life I hang one inside my door from time to time. How easy can it be?  Put a bow on it!

I purchased a few new artificial wreaths that very week! What did I do? I put a bow on one and hung it on the staircase. Tied it on with some of the ribbons!

Honestly, I love to hang the lighted garland yearly.  This year I was disappointed, not to have it for the children.  I see the excitement they have when the house is decorated.  There was one thing I discovered that proved me wrong.  

Look at the joy!
He told his Mom to please take his picture there!

Look at these happy faces!

The littlest ones posed in front of this hanging wreath and smiled the biggest! We didn't tell them too they just did it!  It really warmed my heart.  

Sometimes what we think isn't really how it is! It isn't the things, it's the people and the love behind it!

This is another of the preserved Boxwood Wreaths
It is hanging on the Dining Room Mirror.  

I simply made and added a bow to it! If you look closely you can see the wreath hanging on the staircase in the Foyer. The mirror helps make the decor blend into the two rooms.

A peep around the corner into the Living Room looking at the new Flocked Christmas Tree. It is beautiful enough without being filled with adornment! It is magical as Carly calls it! You can see the wreath that hangs over the mantel, I added a Bow to it!

A closer view of the Eucalyptus Wreath with bow made quickly and added! Simple, traditional decorations that say Christmas!

Another picture of the new slim flocked tree & the wreath over the fireplace

This shot was of a few red ornaments I'd placed onto the tree Placed a few more on, but this pic shows the tree better.

You can see our special Star on the top!

This is the Star that I grew up with. Without telling the world my age, I can tell you that thing is Old! What remains of it anyway! It has lost some tinsel and tin, but it is still very beautiful to me! 

If you wish you can read more about the star, and it's sentimental value to me here

I picked this cute little deer up this year. He was just irresistible, & I knew he had to come home with me.

I thought I'd add this picture to show the round globe lights on this beautiful tree. The tree is actually quite a bit more beautiful than the photos I can get of it.

I have to say the memories of this Christmas will linger on. Family togetherness, good food, along with lots and lots of love will never be forgotten!

Well!  I think I'd better get up from here and take the tree down, remove the red bows,
Pack a few red ornaments and the deer up for a year. 
One great thing about not having the time to decorate to the hilt, putting it all away is a breeze!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have a Very Happy New Year!

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