Dec 24, 2016

Our Trip to the Billy Graham Family Homeplace and Library

What a wonderful sight the Live Nativity.

Carly, Doug a friend and I took a trip to The Billy Graham Library in Charlotte.  We had lots of fun along the way.  I thank the two of them for taking me on this wonderful trip!
I've always wanted to go there and even though it isn't that far away I've just never gone.  They helped make this trip possible for me, gave me to nudge I needed to just go!
The snack bar inside the Library has some of the best chicken salad I've ever had so be sure to get you one while there.
If you like me grew up listening to the Rev. Billy Graham then this will be a refresher for your memories.  You will probably like me learn a thing or two that you didn't know as well.  I'm amazed at this family and how God has endowed them with such abilities to spread His word!  It makes one take a minute to stop and take it all in! I believe I'll watch him again on YouTube. I'll share a few at the bottom of this post.
We enjoyed the book store and of course all went home with a few.

The home was moved to The Billy Graham Library in 2006.
A tour guide said the house had to be moved twice it hopefully was here to stay.

The house was originally located on the Graham's 300 acre dairy farm where they had more than 70 cows.  Billy Graham was in the fourth grade when his father moved the family into a new home. The brick home, 2400 sq. ft. in size, had indoor plumbing and at the time cost $9000! Billy Graham lived in the home from the age of 9 until he left home for college. Originally the home had four bedrooms as well as a bath on each floor.
Mother Graham was the bookkeeper for the dairy farm and spent a lot of time in the office in her sunroom, her favorite spot. She died in the home in 1981.

A look into the office where Billy Graham's Mother used to do the dairy paperwork

Another view of the Sunroom Office with the Christmas Tree

I turned the photos that were taken into a slide show because space is limited here and I wanted to share. I hope you'll take the time to see them.  We could not take them inside because the film would have been harmed but when we were allowed we did. 


photos credit Hibiscus House copywrited

Slide Show

We had a very good time here I am with my Carly

My Little Video

My attempt to get what I could of the Live Nativity

Carly and I petting Ava the sweet camel

Beautiful Night & Lights

Doug with Ava the camel

Thank you Carly and Doug!

Sharing a sermon 

I'll leave you today with the reading of The Christmas Story by Mrs. Ruth Bell Graham.

1953 Reading The Christmas Story to the children.
"Ruth and I believe that it has never been more important than it is today for children to read and love the Bible," Mr. Graham once said.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. What a wonderful post, Dolly. I do believe Billy Graham was anointed by God as a messenger here on earth. We were lucky enough to have him here several years ago and I do believe he touched hearts and lives were changed because of the way he lived and the message he shared. Merry, Merry Christmas to you, Dolly. You are beautiful---inside and out. xo Diana

    1. Hi Diana, I do too! I'm so sorry for the delay in posting this. We did have a small but wonderful Christmas gathering. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas you and your wonderful family!
      What a sweet compliment and I could definitely say the same about your dear sweet friend! xo Dolly

  2. Wonderful post! I really enjoyed the videos and the photos. My great Uncle, Harold Eugene Martin was the director of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. I only met him one time as an adult since I was placed in Foster care during my youth and that side of family had nothing to do with my biological parents or me. I am not sure but I believe most of my biological family is Southern Baptist. So this post was a real treat for me to learn a bit more to who my Great Uncle worked for. He later won a Pulitzer Prize for a newspaper article that he wrote.

    1. Hi Ginger Dawn,
      Wow, how wonderful to have had a relative who was the director of the BGEA! I'm so glad the post helped to give you some insight into your Great Uncle and his work because he evidently did many good things. I'll bet you could write or contact the Library or BGEA and they may have some wonderful artifacts for you to see. Wouldn't that be grand? Pullitzer Prize Winner that is awesome! Thank you for sharing with us you are a dear person.

  3. How beautiful.

    Merry Christmas - Love ya girl!!!

    1. Thank you Kim!

      I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I love you too!!!