Dec 6, 2018

Christmas Trees, Decor, Traditions etc.

Photo by Nine Köpfer on Unsplash

Are you ready for Christmas?  Do you have your house clean and decorated?  I applaud you if you do.  I however do not.  I know it comes the same time every year, but am I prepared for it?  Never!  See the photo above,  it isn't mine, as a matter of fact I have no tree up as of yet.  I love Christmas, it is my most favorite holiday.  Evidently I just procrastinate when it comes to decorating.  


I did go with these little cuties to pick out their beautiful Christmas Tree!
The trees were gorgeous, but none slim enough to use in my small living room.

Speaking of Christmas trees, do you use live or artificial trees?  

Live Tree
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

 Artificial Tree
Our artificial slim tree

You can see, from last year. the lighting is messed up
Chuck did a great job trying to fix it and strung extra lights 
But, it has seen better days!

In the past when my children were growing up we had live always.  I love the look and smell of real trees.  I don't love the shedding and having to water them daily.  Call me lazy.  The older I get the lazier I get?  Maybe so?  Chuck and I have a beautiful Bethlehem Lights slim tree that we've had for over ten years.  Needless to say it has outlived it's usefulness.  Half of the lights won't work and now it is shedding as if it is alive!  The nerve of this older artificial tree shedding!  The hoarder in me will probably use it on the porch? Maybe.  

I now am off to find the perfect artificial tree.  Carly and I saw a beautiful flocked tree at a local garden and gift shop.(see below)

It was very pretty!

I liked the scattered globe lights that were on this tree. I could see the sparkle in Carly's eyes. She did love it, frankly I did too!  

This brings to mind another option for the artificial tree, flocked or not? We're still debating this one.  It was in a huge box and we weren't in a truck so left it there to think about.

Catie has always had a beautiful white tree that she fills with all sorts of almost fairy tale ornaments.


While on the subject of the Christmas trees;  Do you have a spot picked out yearly for your tree, or are you like me, thinking of what to move for the tree?  Yep I know it's coming, I know we will use one, I know that during each year I seem to pick up more furniture to fill this down sized home! (Ugh, the perils of a former/present hoarder!) I now have to find a location for things I move out of the way for the Christmas tree.

Just because I purchased these two cabinets and they don't fit the spots chosen for them. I have no room to maneuver other things for tree! What was I thinking?


You see mistakes do happen. You can measure all you want, purchase, bring home and things still do not look the way you want them too.  Cabinet on left was to be placed in the foyer.  It just didn't look right.  The cabinet on the right was to be placed in another location in the living room. That didn't work out either.  (....beautiful mistakes...)

Check out the clock on top shelf left cabinet was from Carly, when she was a child. The battery thing/ metal part has fallen off, but I can still add battery. It is attached to nothing but wood and the clock continues to work, not correct time but it is working!  I would never get rid of the clock because of the sentimental value.

Yes just because things weird happen around us, pretty much always!


Our Christmas Ghost Visitor from the past.
I felt someone standing behind me
Took this photo and that is what I saw!

I said, weird things happen around us! He hasn't been back, so maybe the 'Haint Blue Porch Ceiling' is working for ghosts as well! I haven't, found children's crayons in the beds or writings on objects, messages to us, been locked out of the house, seen doors opening and closing, nor have we heard someone/something walking down the staircase, no cold air, no strange smells of not so pretty perfumes etc from any of them.  

My grandmother, great grandmother and great aunt all saw, shall we say ghostly beings.  The great aunt lived in Charleston and she did have some ghost tales for sure. 

We, the girls and I, have inherited the ability to see, hear, and know certain things at times; Whether we like it or not. Those that live around or with us have been able at times to see and hear things as well. 

I know why I have a connection to The Ghost Whisperer, Medium and The Sixth Sense.  It can't be explained nor do I have a need to explain, but it happens.  Now, if only I could fine tune this gift/curse that would be nice or not...I believe in God and that is all that really matters.
Sorry, wandered off topic!  I could go on and on and make you have goosebumps but will get back on topic.


There is one thing I am pleased with and that is now my Christmas China is stored and where I can easily get to it.  

The Twelve Days of Christmas China,  Santa's List China, and St Nicholas China are the patterns I have now.  Carly has given me ruby goblets and plates that are gorgeous additions. I also have my white everyday dishes that are pretty enough to use for every occasion.  

TIP: If you only have room for one set of dishes let them be white.  I've known this for years.  The best serving pieces as well, should be in white.  Every holiday can be a joy and a few pieces may be added as well.  Pieces with holiday designs/details for example  Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas dessert or salad plates with design will always blend in with your white! (I just have a big fault and that is liking many many patterns of china.)  We all know that white makes for an excellent background to showcase your famous recipes! 

Crystal, I need to downsize and will one day.  For now, we will just enjoy it and it is stored in china cabinet for now.

TABLE LINENS are ironed and ready for use.


We, like most celebrate with family and friends the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ at this time of year. Enjoying our church family.  Friends and family gathering, eating, celebrating.  Our favorite gathering time for family is Christmas Eve.  We love it the children are so excited, we are too it is a great time, for meal, opening gifts and just enjoying each other. 

Genolia used to have a gumball tree.  She would place the gumballs on a Flowering Quince limb, the variety with thorns.  She would put the limb into an antique milk can, add a few strings of colored lights. I now understand why in her later years she chose to do that.  A huge tree was much too much trouble for a lady in her older years.  She had some of her antique ornaments that had been used for years hanging on it as well.  Beautiful.

Dot had a flocked tree for so many years, in fact my kids say they never knew it was flocked!  It was beautiful and nothing looked as good as going home to mama's house seeing those large old fashioned bulbs shining through the picture windows of the house!  She and daddy always made Christmas such fun.  I can still see their smiling faces as we all came home for Christmas!

My younger brother used to yearly go out and chop a tree down and he was pretty good at finding just the right tree too.  Childhood memories.  

I've been known to go dig up a cedar or pine tree with roots but only to plant them in another location.  They never really worked out, so I stopped doing that.


We all have those special family recipes that we cook at certain times for sure.  I am no different and love to cook as you know.  There will be some baking going on in this household soon!


Please be in prayer for my mother in law Jackie she is improving, but is in physical therapy for a broken hip.  Her Alzheimer's Disease doesn't help that much either, but she is actually doing quite well. Pray for healing of her hip and for us to make the right decisions for her care.

Chuck is in need of some prayer for healing. We've been to the VA Hospital. He is on new medicines now and we hope this will cure the problem. If they don't work then, other tests will have to be done. We know that no matter what happens God is in control.

Thank you in advance for prayers.

I will clean house really well then decorate the home, 
Will update when cleaned and decorations are out!
Then on to front porch & yard decorating 

Merry Christmas Time To All!


  1. oooo I love the china cabinet with all the china... I will keep your mother in law in my prayers.

    1. Hi Marissa! Thank you so much! It is wonderful to hear from you!