Nov 23, 2018

The Moon, Blooms and Turkey

Hi All! I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Day! 

Today is Black Friday and what are you doing?  One of my former jobs included working in retail and I can tell you I don't miss it, especially on Black Friday.  Getting up at 3 or 4 am to run into work and be prepared to be mobbed.  I really think we, associates needed helmets for safety!  I'm just joking, well sort of, but I swore that when I got out of retail I wouldn't step foot into even one store.  So far so good, but I can't say that about online shopping. Ah the pleasures of resting after all of the Thanksgiving preps, eating and cleaning to just do nothing!  Enjoy your day and be safe out there.  Me I'll just enjoy the peace.

Can you believe it is Thanksgiving Week and the gardens are full of blooms?  I can't, but then again the weather has been something else, two hurricanes and so much rain! The ground is saturated with plenty of moisture, that's for sure.  

Mama used to take us on walks to see her plants and flowers in bloom.  It has stuck with me and I so enjoy the walks to see the living beauty around.  Can you believe the blooms?   It is the end of November!

Teasing Georgia a David Austin Rose never disappoints!

Teasing Georgia on the north side of the house  
It is a lighter yellow in bloom at times

Bloom from the Snowball bush
It's a little cold hurt and fading
Still beautiful!

I've forgotten the name of this white  rose 
It has some age on it, and seems the insects love it!

This turkey, before removing the truss, it was huge!

I felt like I was cooking a dinosaur! We'll be eating turkey for a week. Oh and ham, we'll also be having plenty of ham and leftovers! 

Luckily the girls brought a smaller turkey, some vegetable casseroles and desserts!  Carly bakes a delicious turkey!  Catie is one great pie maker!

We were so busy eating and enjoying each other that we none took any pictures.  That was rare.  We won't forget the time together though.

I love the fact that my sons by marriage (they married my/our girls and I'm thankful for them) spent some time outside.  I heard them talking and one said, "I love it out here.  It's so quiet and I don't get that much anywhere else."  It is quiet and I fail to realize how wonderful that is in the hustle and bustle of life; How noisy it really is.  The peace and quiet out here is wonderful.  I love these boys/men! 

Look at this moon!
Chuck said come check this out, it is beautiful!

There is no way to catch the beauty in a photograph
You have to see God's beautiful handiwork in person for the full affect

I am excited the kitchen is clean,  I don't have to cook today and Chuck just mopped the kitchen floor! He said he had a lot of practice with that while in the Army. When helping me peel potatoes yesterday he said, he'd had a lot of practice doing that in KP.  I was just glad he did it!

Enjoying a moment with my youngest and so glad I didn't have to get out into the crazy world of retail.

Have a great day and weekend!


  1. Dolly, I am glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. I don't do Black Friday AT ALL either-except online. lol

    Glad Chuck helped you out-that makes things so much easier.

    Your roses are gorgeous.Everything here is brown and it Spring yet? lol

    I hope you have a blessed week- xoDiana

    1. Hi Diana, Thank you it was nice. I hope yours was nice. I can't wait for Spring myself! xoxo