Dec 31, 2022

2022 Very Simple Quick Christmas Decorations

I hope each of you had a wonderful Christmas!  Ours was a simple but excellent gathering with loved ones.
Today I'm sharing our simple quick decorations in pictures.  We were only a few days away from Christmas, December 23rd to be exact!

The tree is an artificial flocked slim one from Taylor's Nursery

I love a live tree but this house is very limited in space so this size works well and can be pulled out and used when in a hurry.  Thank goodness the children put this thing together for me! It is quite a puzzle.

See the old family star?
It is stored in the home so easy to find.

The tree is really beautiful with large white globe ball lights. It would stand alone on those but I felt it needed something extra. Quickly I ordered some really inexpensive (not very sturdy but pretty) JCPenney ornaments and gnomes (just because they were cute)!

Needless to say, I spent yesterday afternoon with Christmas lights lit on the sofa enjoying the tree and garlands with my grands. We watched the movie Top Gun Maverick! I have to say it was the best movie I've seen in years! 

A simple Santa collection I had stashed in my closet.  There are many more, some I've sculpted myself but this year I was so pushed for time they stayed in storage.

A gnome, actually two, were thrown in for good measure

I sent the gnomes home with some of the family just for fun

The Santa ornament was a gift from this grands many years ago. 

I placed it and the newly acquired ornaments onto the eucalyptus wreath above the fireplace. Had time to only layer some on the bottom of the wreath.  It was fine.

Wrapped the staircase tied a shiny golden bow

I used the inexpensive lighted garlands I had in storage to adorn the mantel and wrap the staircase

The only thing missing was one of my many Nativity sets  that I couldn't get to in time. I was sad but thankfully just in the nick of time, this gift from my oldest and her husband was here! It was made in the Holy Land. Wonderful!

So late decorating can be done and it is best to do it the less stressful way.
In the past, this late decorating in the middle of cooking would have upset me so much.
Thankfully I've learned to go with the flow, do what you can and what you can't don't worry.

In the end, what is most important aren't things at all.
The Birth of Jesus, family, and friends are what's most important.

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