Dec 29, 2020

Simple Christmas Porch

 Hi All!  Can you believe another year is almost upon us?  Where does the time go?  Today I'm posting a few simple Christmas things. 

It is amazing how a few simple touches can be all that is needed.  We all know and this year has made it abundantly clear as to what is most important.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.  I wish for all a Happy New Year!  It's going to happen you'll see. 

When I say simple that is exactly what I mean.  You'll see what I mean.

Carly gave me the pretty wreath on the door. It will be good for year round use!  I'm excited about that.  All I have to do is remove the berry garland and change the bow. I left the gray ribbon on frankly because I couldn't get to my Christmas ribbons in storage this year. (that's another story for sure).

I may add seasonal fresh green to it from time to time.  I was so grateful to her for this dainty pretty early present!

She and John gathered and held onto some greenery from their home.  Carly sprayed them with Wilt Stop and that helped to hold them a little longer.  We've had so much rain it has been almost impossible to cut and store.  I'm grateful they cut the greenery for me.

I glimpsed up at the window while putting some of the greenery out and this is what I saw.  I love it!

I had the windows open on Christmas Eve!  Only in the South and even that was rare!  I wanted to air the house out anyway. 

I didn't get the pictures right away and some of the Nandina greenery is getting dry but still a little simple greenery display. We had Cyprus, Pine, Magnolia, and Nandina greenery and a few Nandina berries.  I have some Holly but it was raining much too hard for me to venture out for that.

The ribbon also courtesy of Carly

I was visiting her and she had been going through her storage and offered up lots of things.  I took her up on her offer.  (I haven't been out shopping in almost 10 months and wasn't going to start now).

Looking to the left

Looking to the right  
(both the bows are the same color even though they look different in this pic)

View of the porch railing boxes
Our Tom Cat is now sleeping with the dog because I've filled his sleeping boxes with greenery

These two are totally enjoying their day in the sun!  There is a gift that was given to Oskar it is a patriotic eagle that Carly and those gave him. He loves it and it hasn't gotten out of his sight.  I can see that he is sharing with his brother cat nicely.  Trash Mouth has a flipping fish that we've yet to give him it has to charge.

You can see no matter how simple or elaborate the decorations

Christmas can be enjoyed

The Grinch explains it pretty well!

Christmas will come nothing can stop it not even a pandemic

The birth of our Savior Christ the Lord will always be revered and celebrated.

I'll be back soon with more little tidbits of our Christmas here at home.


  1. I love the wreath . So simple and elegant. Your porch looks so cozy and inviting. And those two fur babies, just adorable.

    1. Thank you Lisa.  I sure was glad Carly gave me that I would have added some live greenery to it but time got away from me. It is rather cute. My pictures don't make it look as good as it does in person though.
      Those two fur babies are a mess always into something!