Dec 27, 2015

Our Christmas Tree And The Designers

This year I just had no time to decorate the tree so I decided to get some help.
I ran out to the storage to pick up the slim artificial tree and a box of ornaments and 
quickly grabbed a very old tree skirt.
I had to hurry because it is Christmas Eve and I've yet to do the tree!
Can you believe it?  
I can't!

I was thrilled when they arrived and excited when they began to decorate
 because it gave me time to get back into the kitchen!

I really like this peacock but he's been in storage for far too long.

I've had most of these ornaments for many years.
The nest limb that was a gift tonight
I really like it!

I made this gift tree skirt in the 80s and haven't used it actually since then.  
Told you I was in a hurry pulling things out.
I like it though and hope to make a new one for next year.

There she is in all her glory!
The tree isn't crooked the only thing I did was to add the star at the top. 
Wouldn't you know it, yes it is crooked!

See what I mean?
Let me tell you a little about this precious star. 
It was on our family tree in the Johnson Household.
We had this on many trees and I love it.
It is as simple as can be a little tin star with gold garland wrapped around.
There used to be a piece of silver garland around the outer edge but it fell apart years ago.
See the hole in the middle it was made of course to hold a huge Christmas Light, 
you know the old fashioned kind that they don't make anymore.
Mama was going to throw it away a number of years ago 
I happened to be there and grabbed it quickly!
I put it in a safe place.  We moved and it got lost in the shuffle.
I found it this year and here it is in all of it's glory!
Don't you love it?

I tried to straighten the star 

Take a peak inside...
Taking a walk outside to see the lights.
A little manger in the window too.
You do that too don't you? 

Carly gave me this, she knows I like the stuff and it grows wild at the old house.
I hurriedly put it above the door.
It is pretty.

Let me introduce you to two of the finest Christmas Tree Designers in the world


I was so impressed with how well they did!
Thank you boys!

I hope you've all had a very Merry Christmas and are enjoying the rest of the holiday.

Until next time...


  1. They did a fab job. They are the 2 cutest boys ever. How do you keep from constantly hugging them?

    1. Thank you Kim. They are boys and only take so many hugs..although I give them more than their share.