May 6, 2020

This That And The Other

I thought about what in the world to post. Then remembered what Grandma Cora would say when asked what she'd been up too.  She would say, "Oh this that and the other." When I was younger I swore she was saying, "This that and another." No matter how you say it I for one never thought much about it until today!
These days are a little different that's for sure so let's talk about 'this that and the other/another'.

Tending to the Strawberry Patch

Catie and I put in this tiny strawberry patch a couple of months ago. We're hoping this one will survive the wild critters we have out here!  If these don't make it I guess I'll have to plant on our rooftops! I'm kidding the birds would have a field day if I were to do that. Guess we'll just enjoy while we have them.

Johnny & Carly gave us many bags of rabbit poop.  They have lots of it and know I like to garden. I have been making good use of it. Did you know it is excellent for growing strawberries?  Well, it is!  It is an ideal mix of nutrients and higher in nitrogen and phosphorus than cow manure, and you don't have to use as much of it because of this. The rabbit droppings can be used right away and that is another great thing about it!

An opossum has been enjoying him or herself from time to time out there.  Speaking of possums, I heard a noise this morning on the back porch stoop and went to check it out.  It was one enjoying the pet food. You can see in the video below, although it is dark, the little critter enjoying Oskar's food!

Sorry video is so dark, but then again it was dark out this morning at 3 am.

Growing Pears

I'm holding my breath! One pear tree is loaded this year, which is wonderful because last year we lost them all.  Just last night it hailed nearby, but these are still hanging on (at least I hope so I've not been out to check on them).  Aren't they pretty?  Oskar is in the top right photo of this collage. He and I take walks daily to check out all that is growing. I sure enjoy that dog!

Taking the Flower Garden Tour

The flowers are really blooming and the rose bushes are the healthiest I've seen in years!  I do love this time of year!

Gloria & Azalea

I will share our white roses when they bloom out this year. They are extremely late in blooming.

Sewing Masks for Family & Friends

I pulled out the sewing machine.  It had been some time since I'd sewn and it was even collecting dust!  I couldn't believe that!  Life has kept me busy and now it is time to sew, which is a love of mine as you know. Yes, I have been knocking the dust out of the machine as it has been roaring like a racing engine!  A Johnson racing engine!  

Elastic is one item that is scarce because of the mass-producing of masks. It is extremely hard to find it and to find some of good quality is almost impossible. 

Thankfully I got a few masks out to friends and loved ones before running out of some supplies.

The Masked Gardener
Hey, I even kept a mask!
This one I call Koo Koo Birds on a line!
A mistake cut upside down and now I'm loving it!
I have a friend who wanted hers made upside down as well!

(I look a little crazy-eyed here lol Hope you don't have nightmares!) 

I was gardening on this special day
The day they dumped chicken/turkey poop on the fields all around me!
It really came in handy!

Cooking, Cooking, and more Cooking!

Bread Making
I used this recipe today found online and it is very good!
My Favorite White Bread Recipe

We've not been venturing out of course with the pandemic, so baking bread became a necessity. I hate to say that because I love to bake bread but don't do it as often as I used too. Carly baked some beautiful loaves and that inspired me to make some!  It was delicious! I did put some into the freezer will have to bring some more out soon. Do you bake bread?

Chicken Tenders and Salad

It seems all I ever do is cook, hmm that might be because it is partially true!  Chuck, as you know, has retired and most days ventures into the kitchen searching for something to eat.  Poor man he seldom finds anything to eat!  Not true a rarity would be to find nothing to eat. Although with this 'mess' aka pandemic looming it has been an adventure finding certain items in the grocery list.  We're not suffering thank God with lack of food.

The ordering online and picking up is a new thing for us because I/we like to pick out our own items. It is very good that some retailers offer this. Prices are higher supply and demand, so many out of work. Praying for God's protection and for this to end soon.

Baking Pies
I baked a rather homely apple pie, but it was truly very delicious!
On this day I used this recipe
Apple Pie

Homemade Angel Food Cake
Who loves angel food cake?  I do I do!  Who rarely makes one?  I seldom make one that is who! You know there is no reason not to make one especially if you have lots of farm fresh eggs within reach. 
I used this recipe today and it is very good!

I had to make a strawberry glaze and eat with berries you know I love them! Oh, before I forget the last picture is of an apothecary jar with a lid that fits my cake pan perfectly!  You know when you have to invert the pan to cool the cake?  I put an onion into it for weight to keep it from tumbling over.  Hey, you do what you have to do right?  This one may not be a beauty but it is so delightful!

Family Tradition: Angel Food Cake reminds me of my grandma Cora.  She was a diabetic and the doctor said she could have a little of this type of cake. She would so enjoy shopping for them and we who loved her could see the joy when she would get home to unload the groceries.  She would sit down and say, "I need to catch my breath and eat me a little cake!" She would open that thing and pull her a big piece from it and enjoy every mouthful.  We would just watch her!  She was one happy woman!

Until next time

Stay Safe!


  1. Those pears are pretty! Hope you get a lot. Your mask are adorable. The birds on a wire are cute no matter how you turn them.
    I would love the recipe to the Angel Food cake!

    1. Hi Lisa!
      Thank you I hope we have pears too. I used a recipe found online actually I couldn't find my recipe. I will share this one which is very good, then when I find my old fashioned one will definitely share it as well!
      Have a great rest of the week!