Hibiscus House White Roses Tour

Welcome! I'd like to invite you to take a walking tour of our most beautiful roses. These are our pride and joy. Every year they perform harder than the last and that in itself seems impossible to do. Each picture is a section of fence, none are duplicates.  2014 Spring Blooms on the picket fence. Enjoy.

The Fountain Rose Garden.  Inside the fence. I cut all of these roses back last year on this fence line.  
I really cut them drastically.  This growth just came up this Spring.

Walking to the outside of the fence

Look at this!  Looks like huge Bridal Bouquets.

I think maybe next year I'll have a Hibiscus Home & Garden Tour. Plans in my head..Have to time it just right for the blooms and weather. What do you think?

Yes they are indeed filling in this section too.

Aren't they gorgeous?  I need to host weddings here.  Maybe cater.  

This section of roses are a little sparse.  The roses on the other side here are newly planted. Last year I pulled some of the others toward this section.  this year it is on it's own. It is performing well.  They are taking a toll on my old shabby fence, but I'll replace that later.

Another Sparse Section but still pretty.

Reminds me of Rapunzel the way these just flow down to the ground.

The Mockingbirds love this corner to build their nest inside.  It gives them complete coverage.

I hope you enjoyed your rose garden tour today.  

The Climbing Iceberg is fantastic.  I will soon have to cut these way back because they will soon loose most of their leaves.  I wonder if they do that because they bloom their little heads off?  
It won't matter though because in a short time they will be full of new growth and bloom until hard frosts.

Coming Soon Some David Austin Roses, a few spotlight stories and part three of Sara's Home.  
I think I'll share her beautiful dining room next. 
Until then have a great week.


  1. This is amazing!! Beautiful. I think the sparse areas are really nice too. It gives the whole picture texture.

  2. SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I may have missed it, but what type of roses are these?

    1. Hi Helen,
      This is the Climbing Iceberg and I recommend to anyone! It is a great performer. It will root if given enough time to lie on the ground so if you don't want it to be somewhere pull or give to someone and they will have a fence or hedge full in no time

  4. OMG, this is truely wonderful!!!!

    1. Hi Maria,
      You put a huge smile on my face! Thank you sweet lady!

  5. So beautiful - I've been writing about roses this month and it's been pretty fun! I have nothing this grand though so I'm going to make sure I share this on my facebook page. You should do a guest post on my blog. :)
    Carole @ GardenUp green

    1. Thank you Carole! It would be an honor to guest post, just let me know when.

  6. Wow! What beautiful roses! Did you get a lot of snow this winter? I did and my roses have bloomed more than ever. I wonder if this is related. I would love to visit a tour of your garden.

    1. We got a little snow which for SC is unusual in itself. I don't think that is what made mine bloom because every Spring they put on this gorgeous display! You really can't beat that time of year for beauty. I'd love to see some of your pictures. I'll bet they are pretty. Thanks for stopping by.

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  8. I made tea from "hibiscus" leaves once...exciting taste.
    Your hibiscus flowers look beautiful...


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