May 24, 2014

Pine Straw by the Truckload!

I love this view, don't you?

Do you use mulch?  What works for you?  My mama didn't and she had the greenest thumb of anyone I've ever known.  She planted perennials and they were beautiful.  She would say, "Dolly you know it may be hard at first but in time the weeding will get easier."  I tried her way for years and it just didn't work for me. 

 My properties had different soil from hers'.  I say soil but it was almost pure sand and the same here at Hibiscus House.  Pure sand.  If people say you can't grow anything in sand you tell them yes you can.  I know, weeds and grass love it!

Another shot.  Friends said, "You weren't kidding when you wanted pine straw."
I hate to say it but this is how I buy it.  I love to garden here, which you probably know if you follow.  I plan to make a few formal gardens and will most likely have to have a little more.  I can't wait to make them and to share them with you.

I went the landscape fabric and mulch way.  I have tried wood bark etc. it doesn't work for me though.  It breaks down very quickly, molds quickly and insects love it!  That is why I choose pine straw. 


It is readily available in South Carolina.  I will be glad when my pine trees get large enough on this property to give me enough straw, but until then I will have to buy mine.  I had for years purchased from one business but the owner that was involved and in charge of the pine straw is no longer with them.  I sought out another source.

I found and right under my own nose I might add a source for the cleanest straw I've ever purchased.
Amerson's Nursery.  This is right down the road from me!  I slapped my forehead I didn't know they have pine straw!  I have shopped with them ever since we moved down here to Hibiscus House, they are my tree and shrub dealer of choice!

Mr. Campbell unloading and stacking the bales.  Mr. Amerson came down here with them now that is service.  If you find good people with great customer service I suggest you stay loyal to them.  

 The breeze feels so good this morning!

This is one bale with ties removed.  Check it out!  Looks great.

Isn't this pretty?  I love this time of year.  Grass and trees are getting very green.  Everything is alive and growing!  This is one bale of pine straw it covered and thickly I might add a section 5' wide by 10' long.

Moving on down the line with my little cart.  I love this thing don't know what I would do without it.  Thanks honey.  Chuck gave it to me a few years back and it is my right hand.  The grandsons like it  too!

Leyland Cyprus doesn't have the best of reputations but I couldn't resist buying these a few years ago.  They were only $5.  Do you see my garden cabin?  I still like the converted camp cabin/garden shed.  I will share it with you one day.  It needs a good cleaning first.

The last of it but have to go in for awhile, it's getting a little hot.

How do you like my antique handmade tool box?  I use this as my garden tote and it works quite well!  Chuck bought this for me and a few other very cute items I have to share with you soon.  We found them in Camden on a trip we took recently.

I have had to cut a few of the white roses on the picket fence.  It will be cleanup time soon.  They bloom so very hard that they drop their leaves.  That is when I start cutting them back.

I started a little last week and put them in Chuck's little red wagon.
These were growing in a place I didn't want them so thinned them out and took most of the blooms indoors to enjoy!
I'll be cutting back lots more soon and will share.  These don't take a lot of care but it does take a little timing to prevent cutting off the blooms. 

Locals I highly recommend the pine straw from Amerson's Nursery.  It is the cleanest I've ever seen!
I made a little video am dog tired and definitely not a videographer but wanted you to know!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Simple Southern Traditions indeed . . .

    1. Hey Corners of my Life! So good to hear from you. Yes we do love the front porch the rocking chairs and today I'm enjoying my mulch. I can't wait to make my new formal gardens...well my kind of formal. Please come back soon.

  2. I have two wagons like this, both have flats and hubby hasn't a care that I lug around heavy loads on flats. I wish I could rave with gratitude that I have two wagons with flat tires. For now, might I offer my smiles and happiness that your 'rigs' can carry heavy loads!
    Cheers dears,

    1. Hey, I think I need to tell you that Chuck's little red wagon is all "stowed up" as my grandmas used to say. The wheels don't want to move. I just love it and we need to paint it. I have a wheel barrow but it wasn't handy at the time. We need to work on it. It almost didn't make it to the corner of the I hope you get your wheels fixed too.

  3. My mom lives in Hot Springs, AR and all her mulch seems to be from pines, which they have a lot of. Here we use whatever trees are chipped up or regular straw. For a time they were picking up colorful fall leaves and shipping them south. We try to use them for the garden though, layering for compost.

    1. It is interesting to see how others do things in different areas. I am surrounded by others that use bark mostly. I just don't have any luck with it. Fall leaves shipped I would love to see that. I'll bet it is pretty. I have yet to start my compost and have been talking about it for years. My mom had a section in the edge of her woods that she just composted without walls and it had the richest soil. Thanks Kathy for sharing.