Jan 23, 2017

Hibiscus House Has A Haint Blue Porch Ceiling!

I've shown you the new roof which I love by the way.  Now it's time for the house painting itself. Today I share with you the porch ceiling that I've wanted for a few years.  

Just in case you don't remember the "Haint Blue Porch Ceiling" post. Deciding what color was especially mind-boggling for me but we Chuck and I finally decided. If you want to see some of the colors we liked you can do so here in I'm Going To Paint The Front Porch Ceiling Haint Blue!  I remember my great great aunt and uncle who lived in Charleston talking about why the porches had the blue ceilings.  They told me that along with some ghost (haint)  stories of their own! Needless to say I was scared to go to sleep after that.

Then I grew older and just pushed the haint stories away, they aren't real after all are they?  I've since come to know a few of my own.  Yes Hibiscus House has been haunted at times!  I won't speak of it because it might bring some of them back.  Besides you'd all think I was just crazy or superstitious. Well I'm not!  Maybe one day I'll share one or two with you, but today is all about the painting.


Ceiling dirty before pic

Painter on ladder is Earl Cunningham
Earl played for the Chicago Cubs along with a few more ball teams
Standing behind him is Chuck aka husband, enjoying talking to Earl

Earl Cunningham, seated in the middle is Earl (other Earl as I call him), then Chuck
Other Earl is priming the porch spindles

Both Earls hard at work!

Sampling of color
Speaking of color that was hard to do picking the right one.
I finally narrowed it down to two and let Chuck pick the one he liked best.
I thought it was a little too blue and darker than I would like. 
I also wanted some aqua into the mix.
The sky overhead changes moment to moment here so it really doesn't matter.
I have grown to really like it! 
Time was getting away we had to choose.
My girls will be happy with this little bit of color I've added!


Looks pretty dark here, but the color changes with the lighting.
I've looked at it all times of the day and it is a virtual chameleon.
I love it!

The white of the porch and home aren't painted yet in these pictures.
And yet it still shows a crisp, clean look
The ceiling has a little more finishing as well
Isn't it pretty?

Earl left painting ceiling, Wendell fixing to go up ladder outside, Other Earl cleaning up
Wendell is a Pinckney from South Carolina and a Cowboys fan.
He and Chuck picked at each other, since Chuck is a Steelers fan. They had a good time.
I of course even before last night have a new love for the Patriots and Tom Brady!
You can imagine the household when that game was being played.

Bright sunny day
Ceiling painted, house washed, shutters down, drop cloths down
Ready to begin painting on the front of the house
I can't wait.

Lavaris left on ladder, Kendrick to the right
Those young guys love to climb and paint
Lavaris is cutting in the paint on the edges and Kendrick is rolling.
It takes talent to do each.
Those handles/arms on the rollers are extremely heavy.
They all seem to enjoy themselves and each other.

A shot from the side of the ceiling

Capturing it at different angles

Another shot underneath
We are under a fly zone here, so always signs of them flying over.
The sky right now is more aqua in color.
See what I mean always changing.

Last shot of ceiling
More painting of porch railings and house front
The floor has to be stained as well
I will be painting these Cracker Barrel Rockers
They really need it!

We ended up using this color
Sherwin Williams
SW 9063
Porch Ceiling 
(that is the name)

The New Roof Post can be seen  here if you'd like to visit for the first time or revisit.
I can't wait we're almost finished with the project!
It has been fun but lots of things to go through, purge and put back into the rooms.
Take care I'll be back soon with more updates!

Painting Subcontractor: Earl Cunningham
Construction Manager: Henry Branham
Phone: (803) 781-1900

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  1. How exciting to get your house and porch painted. I think you picked a really good color. It does look like the sky and it's very happy and cheerful looking. Maybe I can get Joe to paint mine this spring. I know I'll be able to remember the name.

    1. Hi Susie,
      You know I am thrilled! I can't wait to have everything back in place (maybe even better, lol) and begin enjoying my new looking home! I didn't think about it but it is happy and cheerful! I hope Joe paints your too! Let me know if you do it! Yep that name says it all! xoxo

  2. It looks really really nice, Dolly. I love it when you have workers that get along and enjoy working together and teasing each other. I love a blue ceiling and the porch and the house are just beautiful. I hope you have a really great week, Dolly. xo Diana

    1. Hi Diana,
      Thank you so much! It has been a pretty pleasant experience. Oh the house is in total disarray but yet it has been fun! I hope your week is a wonderful one! Love ya Diana!

  3. I love, love,love the color of the blue!

    I can tell you from experience that painting any building is HARD work. And painting up high, on a ladder, is back breaking work. Looks like you picked a great crew!

    1. Hey Kim,
      Thank you so much! I'm feeling much better about the color now thanks to y'all. I've had a few days to look at it and I know love it! They are pretty good!

  4. Looks great! I enjoyed reading the other post as well, the 'why' post. Many homes in the northeast also have blue on the porch ceiling, I always thought it was just to resemble the sky. It is most common in older homes.


    1. Hi Diana,
      It's good to hear from you. Thank you so much! If my ancestors had not told me of it I wouldn't know of it's origins here in South Carolina. I am going to enjoy it. Tonight I stepped out onto the porch as the sun was going down and it did seem as if the sky was above my head and the porch seemed larger.

  5. While visiting a plantation in SC, the guide told us the blue porch ceiling keeps the wasps from building nests there. I guess it resembles the sky and it fools the wasps.

  6. I live in Iowa and used to have a horrid time with wasp nests. Those stinging little buggers would nest up under the eaves of the house. Well since my husband is allergic I wanted to find a solution. My handyman advised me that if you paint the underside of the eaves sky blue they won't build a nest there. Mine are painted that exact color and we haven't had a problem since.
    Megan Haskins

    1. Megan, I am so thrilled to find this out! We have battle wasps since the day we moved in here. My mama used to come stay with us some and she loved the porch. She would sit for hours at the time swat and spray wasps. I'll bet you are enjoying yours! Hope to update later as to how it is working for me here. Good to hear from you...