Nov 10, 2021

It's Past Time!

Hey Everybody!  Nope, not the time change, and who likes that anyway?  It is past time for some 'Southern Sayings and Traditions'

I'll start the intro with one my Grandma always said. "Y'all get on down and come on in!"  If in a hurry she'd yell: "GET DOWN AND COMEON IN!"  She yelled it lovingly of course!

Where did she get that from?  I have an idea it came from the horse and buggy days.  Yep, she lived in those days.  Maybe just maybe it meant to get on down from that buggy/wagon and come on in.  I'll bet it did.

I think the front porch is a great place to talk about 'Southern Sayings'

 Well, hey there!
How you been?

Some answer:
Fine as frog's hair!

Meaning: Pretty fine because frog's don't have hair

Some may answer
So good if I or if it was any better I couldn't stand it!

Means:  Great so great almost too great!

Some may answer
Fair to Middlin (g)

Means Just average or slightly above average

Or if not well may say
Not worth a cuss!

Means:  Not doing well at all!

If you have a relative that acts like Cousin Eddie 
(by the way I had a funny crazy uncle who acted and almost looked exactly like him)
They might go so far as to say when asked how they are:

"Not worth a fart!" laughing the whole time!
Grandma on the porch turning red telling him to hush now!

Wonder what Sally Sue is doing?
"I ain't seen her in a lick of Sundays"

Ain't means haven't
Lick of Sundays which means a lot of Sundays

Where is Barbara Jean?

Didn't you hear?

"Don't you know?"  She married John Edward 'what lives up the way' and 
He done gone and got rich"

Barbara Jeans done gone and got too uppity to sit on the porch!"

'Done gone' meaning:  Has become
Barbara Jean has married "into some money' and she doesn't have time to visit anymore.
John (he is so blessed) became rich after his family left him money or they are in 'High Cotton' now!

Some on the porch may be maa edd (mad) because they miss her and say,
 "She's too good means they think they're better than us or don't want to or have time to associate with the poor side of the family. (said in jest)".

'What lives up the way"
Means Great-Grandma said it means where they live 'don't ya know?'

"Bless their hearts" We still love em' anyway don't we. (meant as a statement not really a question).

Who gives a hoot?

Que Sera' Sera'
What will be will be
Who really cares?
When said within family and friends can mean nothing derogatory just a statement 
(because they really do care just want her around)

Oh and ending on this conversation concerning Barbara Jean and John

'They'll be back soon as they run through all that money he got."

None needed, but just in case you 'got nothing between your ears' 😉 it means 
When they spend all his money.

All respond shaking their heads to mean yes and saying, "True, true enough." 

"Ina Jean your gardens are lovely!"

"Can I git a piece of that bush?  You got any babies under it?"

'Piece of that bush' meaning: May I please have a cutting from that bush?.

"You got any babies under it?"  
Means: No, not real babies underneath the bush but little plants growing up from the main bush.

"You see that Hydrangea over there?"
"I rooted a bunch last fall and now they are bloomin their heads off!"

'Blomin their heads off' meaning:  Those plants are full of blooms and so beautiful!


I have a hankerin (hankering) for some fried chicken and tater salad!

Means:  I want some, have a yearning for, or a strong desire for
Tater salad means Potato Salad


It's Sunday and now time to go inside after talkin a bit.  Families usually gathered around the kitchen table together for a wonderful meal. Families don't do that as much anymore but it used to be the thing to do.

Families and friends would gather to see each other in person and actually look at each other and enjoy their time just being together.  

Now, "What'd ya bring?" meaning Did you bring that casserole you do so good?  It is so delicious!

You know we (we've) got plenty of iced tea and dessert!

Have a good day y'all
Do come back and share some of your sayings and traditions too!
That would be nice!

I've just had a great birthday!
My share for the day!

*by the way my spellcheck has gone completely crazy in this post.  I may very well have broken it!* lol

Until Next Time!

The photos used between the very first and the very last were from Unsplash 


  1. These sayings are finer than grits! Love ya girl!

    1. Oh girl I love that one finer than grits! Love you too!